Sidney and James at their wedding.

Love Story

Let me share with you the amazing story of how I met my wonderful husband! It all started during our time in high school, where destiny brought us together. We were both in the same math class and little did we know that this would mark the beginning of an incredible journey. From the first moment our eyes met, there was an immediate connection and we quickly became teenage sweethearts.

Our love story has been absolutely magical. Ever since those high school days, we have been inseparable. We have grown together, faced challenges side by side and celebrated countless milestones as a team. And now, as a testament to the love that united us years ago, we are blessed with two beautiful children who embody our love.

It’s truly remarkable to think that our journey began in Phoenix, where we attended high school together. Our memories from those days are filled with laughter, adventure and endless possibilities. And it was during that time when we had our first date at Olive Garden. I can still vividly recall feeling butterflies in my stomach as we sat across from each other and got to know each other on a deeper level.

But it wasn’t until we made the decision to take our relationship to the next level that things truly became thrilling. After being engaged for half a year, we embarked on an amazing adventure to Las Vegas. Our wedding day was like a dream come true, held at the stunning Venetian Resort. Surrounded by more than one hundred of our closest friends and family, we exchanged vows that solidified our love for eternity.

Reflecting on our journey fills me with an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude. Meeting my husband during high school was the best thing that ever happened to me. Our love story is truly remarkable, filled with laughter, exciting experiences and a love that knows no limits. I will forever cherish the day we met and the incredible life we have created together.