Born and raised in good ole Arizona. 
He was a football player.
He's been to Europe.
He prefers bacon cheeseburgers. 
He plays basketball.
He was a biology major. 
His favorite Office characters are Jim & Pam.
He's a meat-lovers-pizza-guy.
He watches ESPN.
He's an aspiring doctor. 
He wants 3 babies. 

Born in San Diego, raised in Arizona.
She was a cheerleader.
She's been to Africa. 
She only eats turkey burgers.
She takes spin classes.
She was a broadcast journalism major.
Her favorite Office character is Dwight. 
She's a pineapple-pizza-girl. 
She watches HGTV.
She's a television reporter. 
She wants 4 babies. 

Mr. & Mrs.
Our first date was to the drive-ins, 
November 2008. 
He popped the question on Catalina Island, 
May 2012.
We're both Sun Devils, and graduated ASU 
May 2013.
Tied the knot on a beautiful day, 
June 2013. 
Shortly after our honeymoon, 
Zak got accepted into Creighton University's School of Medicine.
So we packed our bags and moved to Omaha in July 2013.
It was a whirlwind summer.
We love traveling, sightseeing and venturing around the city.
We're also obsessed with movies, adore Netflix (who doesn't?!), and love reading together.
Oh and we kinda like eating- a lot.
And we also like Harry Potter- a lot, (we read all 7 books together). 
We save our movie stubs.   
We're parents to our pup Romie. 
And think game nights with our friends are the best.
We write notes to each other every single day (it's a tradition). 
One time we tried Cross Fit together.. 
We like taking photos, and making home videos. 
We dream of having a huge library, along with movie room, of course, lots of little babies, seeing all fifty states, traveling to London and living somewhere tropical.  

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