Bon Jour!

Traveling, adventuring and exploring the world around us is one of our favorite things to do together.
From the white sandy beaches of Hawaii, to the dry desert sands in Palms Springs-
any new spot we venture to is bound to be a fun time.
Below are some of the vacations we've been on thus far.


Aspen, Colorado. 

This is where we took our babymoon vacation, and we spent Christmas in this picturesque village. 
If you ever want to feel like you're in Narnia, or the North Pole-
Aspen is the place for you.
The amount of green and red lights, sparkling snow flakes, carolers, hot coco, reindeer and ice skating rinks sprinkled around town was breathtaking. 
Such a magical magical place. 
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Catalina Island, California.

Catalina Island will always hold a special place in our hearts.
It's where we got engaged, and started planning our happily ever after.
While there, we called it the real life Disney Land.
Everything was so stinking cute and quaint and the entire island looked like something out of a Nicholas Sparks novel.
Can't wait to go back someday!

Chicago, Illinois.

Oh Chicago!
The city with endless things to do, see and eat!
We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary here, and had the best time!
We did every tourist-y thing imaginable and jam packed our stay with museum trips, tours, sightseeing and much much more.
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Along with this video!

San Diego, California.

I heart San Diego!
This is where I was born, and it's always a place I've wanted to live again someday.
It's dreamy and beautiful and sunny and pretty much perfect.
We like to visit there often, and don't think we'll ever stop!
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Sedona, Arizona.

One of Arizona's best treasures!
Those red rocks are truly a sight to see!
We love hiking and exploring the forest surrounding and getting a little closer to good ole Mother Nature!
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Coronado Island, California.

I mean, this place is magical.
The homes, the Hotel Del, the beaches, the ferry, the ice cream shops.
It's seriously out of a movie or something.
And it's always on our list when we visit San Diego.
This island is one for the books!
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Galesburg, Illinois.

We have family in Galesburg, and man oh man do we love visiting!
It's a rural little town, but so so sweet!
There's nothing better than home cooked meals, helping out on the farm, game nights with the family and staying up chatting for hours and hours.
It's Zak and I's favorite place to go and relax.
We miss you Galesburg!
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Lincoln, Nebraska.

While living in Omaha, we went to Lincoln and few times and always had a blast!
It's the home of the Huskers and it's truly your all American football town.
It's game day everyday and the town is literally painted in red!
We love the spirit, hospitality and warmth this town brings!
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Honolulu, Hawaii.

Nothing really beats Hawaii.
The white sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, lush green mountains, wild life at every turn..
and the list can go on and on and on and on!
Hands down, the best vacation we've ever been on.
I mean, it was our honeymoon after all.
It's breathtaking and beautiful and we hope to be back soon!
Check out our dreamy video here

Kansas City, Kansas.

Kansas City is such a midwest gem!
The historic buildings, winding river, cobblestone streets and lovely rose gardens were so quaint!
We visited a few times while living in Iowa, and always wanted to go back for more. 
It's the perfect little place for a getaway.
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Des Moines, Iowa. 

We had to pull over when we saw this state capitol building!
I mean, it looks like something you would see overseas!
The architecture was amazing and we couldn't believe this was really Iowa!

We can't wait to see where the rest of our travels take us!


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