Once upon a time…
Two of our friends decided to set us up on a blind date. 
We were seniors going to rival high schools, with the same group of friends, from the same little suburb and somehow never had met before. 
Anywho, back to the date. 
I was giddy. 
All I knew was that he was cute, super smart and the quarterback on a very good football team.
The high school girl in me melted over the quarterback part, so cliche yet so true. 
He was a little hesitant over the blind date.. but went ahead with the plans. 
And of course, since we were teeny-boppers it was all about safety in numbers,
we had that same couple come along with us.
I remember going over to her house to get ready.. 
trying on ten different outfits before finding the right one. 
And then the doorbell rang.
We ran downstairs.. trying to answer the door before her dad and brothers-
it was too late.
And when I looked toward the front door,
there they were.
Two boys- one I had already met.
And the other my future husband. 
Who also sported a mohawk by the way! 
It was something the whole football team did, I was told.
He was very sweet, and a tad bit shy. 
I mean, it was a blind date so we were all a little shy/giggly. 
We headed to the drive-inns.
How romantic.
And ended up watching Quantum of Solace (a James Bond film).
Which wasn't so romantic. 
We played footsies.. 
as we were all squished like sardines in the back of someones mom's minivan.
And then he did the whole-
 my-arms-falling-asleep-so-I'm-going-to-move-it-and-wrap-it-around-you move.
It was cute.
I remember running to the bathroom with my girlfriend and talking about the boys.
Her asking, "what do you think?"
And me answering, "I don't know we haven't gotten to talk that much!"
And then once the movie was over we decided to catch the last end of the Twilight movie.
Afterwards we headed home. 
But before we parted ways, I went to get something out of my car.
And Zak followed shortly behind- 
giving me a goodbye hug.
He was the sweetest.
Later that night, we stayed up talking about boys, and I insisted she give him my number. 
And then the next day I remember exactly where I was 
(eating lunch at Subway with my day, obsessed much Sid?)
when I got a text from him that said, "Hey this is Zak from last night, what's up?"
And the rest is history!
We went on another "group date" to zoo lights. 
We walked side by side brushing hands with each other.
And then we went to Cold Stone Creamery to have ice cream.
Our first date alone.
And we ended up talking for hours closing down the place. 
As we walked to our cars to say goodbye,
he leaned in while I wasn't paying attention, 
and then I leaned in..
and somehow a little peck emerged in the awkwardness. 
Our first kiss.
We couldn't get enough of each other. 
We met later that week at Starbucks (even though neither of us drank coffee)
and sipped on hot chocolate while talking again for hours.
We had so much in common. 
And then we had our second kiss, in the parking lot yet again. 
He was getting ready to play in the big state football game coming up-
so his excuse was that he needed a good luck kiss.
So sly, that boy. 
And once it was game day-
You know I was there. 
I loved watching him play. I even made it to his playoff game.
He was so handsome. And a very talented quarterback, to say the least.
He's going to hate me bragging about him, but I can't help it!
And after his team won the big championship game I remember feeling horrible because I had left my phone at home. 
No way to congratulate him or tell him I was cheering him on in the stands.
Thankfully he didn't stop liking me for my forgetfulness,
and shortly after his big game we continued dating. 
And I still feel like I have that cute boyfriend, a romantic fiancé and husband of my dreams 
every single day.

I love you babe! 

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