My Boudoir Photography Experience

September 3, 2023

So a couple months ago I asked for recommendations from you ladies for a great Phoenix boudoir Photographer. My husband’s birthday was last week and wanted to finally go through with getting boudoir photos.

I ended up hiring Sin Boudoir based on a couple recommendations from you ladies. And I must say, I was not disappointed. The price was the best out of any photographer I had contacted, and his photos are stunning. I got the photo album and canvas print in less than 3 weeks. I gave my husband the album, canvas print and the digital copies on the flash drive last week.

I made a special dinner at home, and after the kids went to bed I presented him the boudoir items. He really loved them. He hung the canvas print in our bedroom. We have a semi-private nook area with a window on the side of our bedroom and that was the perfect spot for it.

As for the boudoir experience itself – amazing. I opted to do my own makeup and hair, so that saved me about $500. Curtis set up a beautiful airbnb for the shoot. We started with some basic shots, I brought several sets of bra/panty combinations. Then we did some poses with a black stain sheet, those are my favorite.

I did do a few nude shots to see if I would like them. However I decided to keep them out of the photo album (you know in case someone comes across it some day, lol). Michael did add them to the digital copies on the flash drive at the end. My husband didn’t see them until a few days later. I was at work and I got a text “um, just saw the special ones on the flash drive.” Yeah, we’ll be keeping that flash drive locked in the safe. But I really love all the pics and I highly recommend Michael Jones.

Here are few PG rated pics.

Sydney's boudoir photo #1.
Sydney's boudoir photo #2.
Sydney's boudoir photo #3.

5 thoughts on “My Boudoir Photography Experience”

  1. I love your photos! Wish I would have went to that photographer instead of the one I chose. My photos came out so bad! Ugh. My husband doesn’t even look at the album. She made me look so dumb I swear. It’s embarrassing. And I paid like $8,000 for it. I don’t know why boudoir photographers do such dumb poses. Your photographer is really good though.

  2. I’m another one that got duped by the big name boudoir photographers. Most boudoir photographers just do the same recycled silly pics that don’t turn men on. My husband hasn’t looked at my boudoir pics not 1 time in 5 years. Wish I never spent the money. You’re so lucky you chose a male photographer. I swear if I could do it again I would have done more research.

  3. I love Michael Jones! He did my maternity boudoir photos last year. Once I get my body back I’ll be doing a regular boudoir shoot too. Trust me when I say he’s the best and his prices are the best.

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