thanksgiving surprises.

Hi loves!
How it is already December, I do not know.
Like what in the world?!
I hope ya'll had a sweet Thanksgiving full of carbs and shopping.
Ours wasn't so traditional- but still just as memorable and fun!
We knew that Zak was going to have to work-
so my mom and her fiance came into town and stayed on Coronado Island to make it a little
Coronado is MY FAVE!!
So I couldn't wait to spend the weekend by the beach.
However I was feeling pretty bummed when nap time rolled around on Thanksgiving rolled and Zak wasn't home, the smell of turkey roasting wasn't in the air and I wasn't taste testing mashed potatoes.
And then-
and I swear this is true.
I told Liam, "mama misses daddy" and sure enough I got a text that read-
"heading home!"
Woot woot!!
I. was. so. excited.
So we loaded up the car and headed to Coronado Island!

We ate dinner at my all time fave San Diego diner- Clayton's Coffee Shop!
And we all had the most un-Thanksgiving day dinner!
Me: acai bowl and rye toast 
Zak: cheeseburger
Liam: spaghetti and meat balls
Mom: chicken salad
Cole: fish and chips

And then we all shared a giant cinnamon bun ice cream sundae!

Afterwards we walked around this historic neighborhood and then let Liam play at the park until the moon when, "night night!"

The rest of the weekend was filled with visiting them at their gorg resort, eating out, walks on the beach and a girls day!

The views of downtown were so pretty!!

We walked over to the beach one night and watched the sun go allllll the way down-
it was magical!
Liam kept asking, "where sun go?!"
It was so sweet and a little memory I never want to forget!

My mom and I spent one morning shopping local in Coronado-
so many great stores!
And we had to stop back into Clayon's for an acai bowl- best ones EVER!

And then in the afternoon to keep "small business Saturday" alive-
the three of us went shopping in North Park!
We haven't had a hood date in a while since we walk and then sun goes down so earlier-
so this was extra sweet!

It was a very beachy very San Diegan Thanksgiving and I LOVED it!
So grateful for the time we got to spend together.

Hope yours was lovely!


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