my momiform.

Hi loves!
Okay I confess that I am a total outfit repeater!
If I like something, I wear it.
End of story!
Because for me, if it's comfortable, affordable and cute-
I'm sold!
So here are the links to my momiform and that I'm loving right now:

Sweater $19.99 - HERE
Leggings $34.99- HERE
Crop top $16.99- HERE
Tennies $69.00 (20% off)- HERE

PS I got high waisted in the leggings- and it's my favorite fit!

Okay now that I got the important stuff outta the way-
how have you guys been?!
We went to Utah this weekend to see fam- and yes I wore this traveling so it's airport approved too!
It was so nice and relaxing. 
But also sweet to be back in sunny San Diego- I'm not build for the cold anymore.
We have Disneyland, San Fran and then Christmas in the next two weeks and I'm just giddy with excitement!
I also have some big NEW plans for this little ole blog come the 2018 that I'm super thrilled about.
But anywho- I'll be posting a last min gift guide for babes and mamas this week sooo watch out for that!
Have you gotten your shopping done yet?!
I... have not.
Hence the gift guide my friends.
I hope you all have a kick butt Monday-
we're finally feeling better {no more red eyes!!}, back to our routine {made it to the gym this morning} and can't wait to do all the holiday things the rest of the month!


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