liam aka the smartest babe around.

Where did my little baby go?!
Every time he gets a hair cut I cry a little on the inside.
Just looking too grown up!
He talks in sentences, counts to TEN, knows his colors, does puzzles, reads Harry Potter, like to play "fumble" with Zak, is on a soccer team-
It's like in a two month time span-
He just grew up.
He's so stinkin smart.
It amazes us.
Like how do you know so much Liam?!
He is a chatty cathy, has a memory like a computer and just surprises us with more words everyday!
Life with him is just the bees knees I tell yah.
The best.

One afternoon we had a mommy baby date-
went to our fun hair salon in Point Loma-
it's the cutest spot you guys!

Liam got to ride in a fire truck so he was totally fine with the sheers!
His face kills me!

And after got "candy!"
He was looking sharp!
After we walked around the market, grabbed ice cream and then met daddy for dinner!
It was one of those afternoons you just cherish.
I love my little best friend-
speaking of bffs-
he literally says, "best friend daddy I miss you!" to Zak when he sees him. 
I. Die.

Liam we love you so much!
You're the cutest, smartest, funniest 22-month old we know!
How did we get so lucky?!

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