happy december!

Happy December friends!!
Are you getting into the spirit?!
We got our Christmas tree, decked the halls, hung the lights, bakes some treats and have been playing Jingle Bell rock all week!
This. time. is. the. best.
There's nothing better than seeing the holidays through your baby's eyes.
We went to our local Christmas tree stand {cutest little thing ever} and picked out our tiny, yet fierce tree!
One day I want a flocked big ole tree!!
But our little guy is perfect this year.
Liam honestly didn't really care for the tree-
didn't impress him like the "scary" stuff around Halloween did.
However he does like the "balls" on the tree-
so far only one ornament has kicked the bucket- crossing my fingers it's the only fatality.

Our house is now feeling so festive and cozy-
I just love it!
However.. the morning after getting our tree we all got pretty sick.
Long story short:
we have some type of cold virus-
I have infected eyes, Liam has a cough and runny nose and we all have sore throats.
So all the fun activities we had planned for the week {Christmas parades and all} had to be canceled and we've been snuggling, holiday movie watching and baking at home instead.
Crossing my fingers we'll be better soon!
We have a couple trips coming up and I want to be 100% by then!

But minus the illness we're doing great!
Zak's almost to his easier rotation, we have vacations, and a trip to Disney coming up and hello CHRISTMAS!!
I just wished this month could last forever!

Hope you're doing well!


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