gift guides for babes.

Hi loves!
Okay so now here's my gift guide 
AKA wish list 
AKA I hope Zak reads this-
 because these are all the things mama wants!
I like to keep this short, sweet and inspirational if yah need a little help with gifts this holiday season!
Below are:

I'm dying for these eyeglasses from Sunglass Optical!
big frames are my jam- and something that lasts forever!
I love ordering from this local company and they have three different locations in SD-
all with the latest brands at the best prices.
Oh and they do custom fittings as well- fun gift for the holidays!
Also here's a coupon for $20 off your purchase of $100 or more:
Just print it out and bring it in the store with yah!

- My go to hair spray and blow dryer
- and the Caudalie I'm dying for (since yah know I'm on a fresh skin journey)!

- new Nikes and these are on major sale!
- and these are the leggings I'm obsessed with!
- Also in love with this sweater for after gym and crop top!

- and I'm all about the jumpsuits!

- these anthro bowls are my fave
- I collect these prints, love getting all the places we've been to!

Everything linked above-
is shown below!
Happy shopping loves!

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