post partum fitness: bbg week 50.

Hi loves!
So today I wanted to share a little post partum fitness update with yah!
I finally finished 50 WEEKS of BBG!!
Can you believe it?!
It should be way over that by now- but that's life!
And life has it's seasons, I've been through it all!
The structured working out every morning times, the on and off again weeks, the super busy we're always outta town periods and the sick baby so we're not leaving the house days too!
That's life and as long as you don't give up- I promise you'll reach those goals!

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Biggest things I've learned:
- have support to get those workouts in (aka childcare or scheduling "me time")
- give yourself grace during those off days or when you eat one too many pieces of pizza
- keep going, try harder, challenge yourself and don't give up!
- don't let the number on the scale rule your life.

It takes a lot of time to see results, but everyday you workout or hit those macros is a goal achieved- 
even if the number on the scale goes up!
It's about treating your body with love and respect.
Trust me- if I can do it SO CAN YOU!

I remember I used to look at Carrie Underwood's legs and wish like heck I had those muscles!
Then I would go kill myself on the treadmill, try some crazy meal plan and then binge eat all weekend and be bummed out because I was miserable.
Then I would just think-
Yah know she just has good legs and I don't and that's life.
First of all isn't that thought process sad?!
And so wrong.
And so negative!?
And second- It's crazy how uneducated I was and thought that reduced calories and lots of cardio would get me to my goals.
 I had no clue how to properly workout or eat healthy!
Fast forward a year and after lots of Macro research I started IIFYM and then got preggo!
Now fast forward again to post partum life where I stumbled across this thing called BBG on Instagram and decided to give it a try!
Specifically Kelsey Wells' profile and I was hooked!
I started doing those dang workouts in the living room when Liam was two weeks old and that was the start to a whole new Sidney.
Using weights, doing HITT workouts and challenging myself was SO MUCH BETTER THAN THE TREADMILL!
And yah know what?!
I was seeing results. 
I started seeing those legs mucsles pop out that I only thought Carrie Underwood had!
No one else noticed, but I could tell and that kept me going.
I started seeing tummy definition and my shoulders seemed stronger.
I could do the dang jump squats and not feel like I was going to die.
All things that I never saw before BBG and IIFYM. 
Now I still have more goals and not trying to make this seem like I'm in perfect shape or anything like that!
I just hope that maybe one girl who was like me reads this and stops having negative feelings about food, stops killing herself with cardio, stops emotionally binge eating and learns that she can reach her goals in a healthy, happy and heck enjoyable way.
I promise.

So anywho!
I'm still doing BBG {I add on reps and time when I feel like it}, eating macro friendly foods, I'm actually about 5lbs heavier than my lowest pp weight- but seeing more results!
It's not all about that number on the scale!
Oh and I stopped consuming artificial sweeteners!!
Huge help with bloating.
I love feeling strong mentally, physically and sharing my little journey with you all!

Please feel free to email me any questions!
Thank you again for all the love and support!
Have a great week!



  1. Hey Sidney!! I love your instagram stories you are so disciplined it is awesome!:) I was wondering if you could explain how to maintain milk supply while breastfeeding? I'm 5 months postpartum and my little one always seems so sick/ angry when I start working out. I don't drink coffee or have any caffeine, which I hear is a galactogue. Thank you for sharing about your journey!! You look amazing!!!!

    1. Hi love! Thanks so much for commenting- you're too kind! Maintaining your milk supply while working out comes down to two important factors: first is nutrition! Simply put, you have to give yourself enough calories to support your own workout (plus any hard workouts) and your milk supply. Second is consistent nursing! The body will make more milk in response to more nursing, and less milk in response to less nursing. As your baby gets older and more of the food is solid foods and less milk, the body will make less milk. Liam nursed a bunch right off the bat (and still does now lol) but I never restricted my diet to make sure my supply was up! I eat a lot lol. Odds are if I went a few days without nursing right now my milk would dry up!I hope this helps a little bit- let me know if you have anymore questions! You look amazing!


  2. Sorry for not responding back to this earlier I read this a bit ago and for some reason didn’t see you had responded! This is excellent advice, I’m still struggling with doing BBG and nursing but am hoping to be able to get the hang of it soon! It is awesome you eat a lot it is how we maintain our supply and maintain our energy levels!! Thank you so much for saying this lol I still haven’t lost any baby weight but am hoping too since she had just started solids!! Love looking at your stories, SD is one of my fav places I used to go to school at LMU and would spend lots of time there! You look amazing too of course!! Will let you know if I have more questions thank you for asking and thank you for the response!! :D