i'm extra and i don't care.

Hello loves!
Taylor Swift's new CD is playing, fall candles burning, we had soccer this morning {YES IM A SOCCER MOM}, Liam and I already had a Target date, I got a longggg steaming hot shower {when you have a child that becomes a luxury}and Zak just text me saying he's getting home EARLY-
Not too shabby of a Saturday.
wanted to do a little October Hallween recap-
since I'm extra and go a little overboard for the holidays.
These are the times that Zak and I used to day dream about-
trick or treating with our kiddos, themed dinners, costume contests, baking traditions, pumpkin patch dates-
you name it-
we planned it.
And now those plans are becoming reality.
So any chance we get we've done your basic fall festivities and loved every minute of it.

PS snagged this poster from The Alison Show for get ready..
Such a steal.

On Hallowseve we took Liam to a little carnival and can you believe he was the only kid in a costume?!?
He was the cutest thing ever running around in his Lion suit.
He also got to experience a bounce house for the first time and man oh man-
we need one.
He was in HEAVEN!
It was hilarious to watch and it totally wore him out. 
He would just lie down and let the other kids bounce him hahahah.
The best.
PS we also wore his costume to the gym on Halloween {they encouraged it} and again he was the only one wearing it!
It totally shocked me!
I love letting him parade around in it!

As we settled we decided to have a family movie night and tested "Monster House" out and got about 10 min in until Liam said, "night night!"

We decorated our front door with "scaryyy spiders" and he LOVED it!
But also wouldn't go near it.
I can't wait till we have a real yard to decorate on day.

A week or so before Halloween we took him to another little fall carnival-
he was loving all the tot sized rides.
Zak and I were those parents riding along beside him... don't judge.
We're obsessed okay!

He did go on the big swings alone and man the whole time we were like-
"hang on baby!!"
He was a champ- and almost fell asleep.
That's how you know he's related to Zak- can sleep anywhere!

Afterwards we shared burgers and fries in Encinitas and this kid went to town!
He loves food just like his parents.
Makes us proud.

Another day in October I took him to our fave spot {Liberty Station} for a trunk or treat event and he rocked that Lion suit again.
I mean, I don't think you can get any cuter.
I didn't mind chasing my little cu around all day.

So all in all I guess this post is for any parents who like to go all out super corny around the holidays!
I wouldn't have it any other way.


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