happy halloween.

Hi friends!
I hope yah had a spook-tacular Halloween!
I can't believe it's already done and over.
I just wanna freeze the holidays and make them last forever.
Especially when your little guy loves pointing out pumpkins and scary things at each and every house we walk by.
Now he says "scary night night" because everything is gone:/
He's just the sweetest.
But anywho-
back to HALLOWEEN!

We had a couple different costumes planned for Liam-
lol our goal was a family costume but he preferred Liam the Lion soooo he was that on about 4 different nights!
It killed me. 
SO CUTE!!!!!!!!
Zak and I were Alice and the Mad Hatter. 
Lol we tried!
We made the whole day extra fun-
pizza and ice cream for lunch, painted pumpkins, went to a "scary store" one last time and then were out the door by 5:30 to trick or treat!!

Hahah the struggle is real with a toddler trick or treating for the first time!
But we love our little Lion so much.
He was pretty scared at the first house we went to..
didn't say a word and kinda hid behind us.
Then the next house he realized he was getting candy!
So he would say, "pease!!" AKA "please!!"
It was adorable.
Then at some spots he would try and trade candy, sit on the porch and eat it right then and there..
or really just take his time and hangout with the candy-passer-outer!
It was beyond adorable.
One of our neighbors had one of those huge blow up dragons {Liam's fave} so he was SO excited to go to the dragons house!
I'm telling yah- kiddos make holidays a million times better.

We live in a historic neighborhood so all the houses are different, but majority of people went ALL out!
It was so much fun.
And made me wanna pass out candy sometime!
Liam really enjoyed his "canee" and went hard till about 8:30 when he asked to go "night night!"
I love him so.

I will forever cherish these moments.
Filing them under "fall favorites" for sure.

Hope you had a wicked time!


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