disneyland diaries: why the baby center is your jam.

Hi loves!
We just got back from Disneyland and I swear every time it just gets more and more magical!
We're going one more time this year to see the Christmas lights
 and I cannot wait!
Since we have passes we've learned a whole bunch about the park and wanted to do a little "Disneyland diaries" series with yah to share some guides, tips and the best kept secrets for mamas!
Because who doesn't love DISNEYLAND?!

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Planning our outfits are my FAVE!!

Okay so our first post in the series is going to be about the Disneyland Baby Center because it's a parents dream come true!
And a little peaceful paradise when your little needs a break from the sugar high. 
The Baby Center is a private indoor facility for parents of infants and toddlers to use for diaper changes, potty breaks, nursing, pumping and feeding!
We LOVE taking Liam around noon- we'll change him, cool him down {it's nice and air conditioned}, nurse him and then rock him to sleep so then we can transfer him to the crib.
You can obviously use the restrooms all over the park to change diapers and nurse anywhere-
I just like to come here because it's quiet, clean, air conditioned and gives Liam a little break from all the craziness! 

Some of the amenities of the Disneyland Baby Center include:

  • Nursing room with chairs
  • Changing room with tables
  • Feeding area with highchairs
  • Kitchen with microwave and sink
  • Main room with television, table and chairs
  • On-site shop offering formula, baby food, juice, diapers, wipes, sunscreen, over-the-counter medications and pacifiers for purchase
And the items for sale are MUCH cheaper than the stores around the park-
just remember they only take cash!

The locations are super easy to access to:

  • Disneyland Park
    The Baby Care Center is at the end of Main Street, U.S.A., next to First Aid.
You can also find a map HERE!

PS the Disneyland Baby Center is for both parents, guardians or caregivers-
not just mama's!
Zak loves to use the fancy diaper changing stations!
But anywho- it's such a valuable amenity and kinda the best kept secret for parents of babies and toddlers visiting Disneyland!

Okay now back to our trip!
It was such a good one.
We got there bright and early- even tried breakfast at the official Disneyland Denny's lol wouldn't reccomend-
and then were at the gates at 9:00 sharp!
Also- Wednesday was the best day/time to go!
It was wide open!!

Anytime we went on any remotely dark ride Liam would say, "scaryyy" and want Zak to hold him and then cuddle up on his shoulder.
My heart would burst into peices!
He also would say, "where'd the mouse go?!" looking for Mickey and was soo excited to ride the boats, elephants, choo choo train and horses!!
Gosh he's just the best.

 When we get to the park the first thing we do is head to Fantasyland-
they have the best rides for littles!
We rode:
- Snow White
- The Caroselle
- Dumbo
- Storybook Boat
- The Circus Train
- The Teacups {twice}

And then headed to the Baby Center for some diaper changing, nursing and rocking!
And you guys.. Liam slept for almost two hours!!
Which meant.. Disney date for mama and daddy!!!

We wondered through gift shops on Main Street, picked out a new Christmas ornament for our collection, had a coffee date and talked all about parenthood, our little family and our future!
Then we went and snagged some churros {SO GOOD}, giggled, held hands and walked around the park some more.
It was perfect and a really sweet date.

We made our way all the way over to California Adventure {Liam was still sleeping lol}
but then we entered Cars Land {our first time} and had to wake Liam up so he could see his favorite toy fire truck in real life!
He's never even seen the movie, but was ecstatic to see all the cars!
I can't imagine what'd he'll think after learning the characters!
PS this place is like the cutest ever!!

I want to buy one of these little cars!
They danced to Christmas tunes-
it was adorable!

We then explored through A Bugs Life- another first for us!
And then ended the night at the Grizzly Bear play area-
such a cool area for kiddos to run around in!

Dale snuck up on us and Liam was NOT ready to meet him lol.
Maybe we'll try characters next time!

We headed home around 6:00 and it was the prettiest pink sky-
truly a perfect ending to a perfect day!

Liam passed out in the car so Zak and I got some more date time in the car and then snuggled up and watched some Netflix when we got home.
Such a great day with my boys!
I'm forever thankful for these memories- and just cherish these times oh so much.

So there yah go!
Now you know all about the best kept secret: Disneyland Baby Center!
It's the best place for you and your little-
I promise!

Have a great day!


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