slowing down.

Hi friends!
This week has been so crazy, and quite honestly doesn't feel real.
My sister was in the middle of the concert when the shooting happened in Las Vegas, 
along with another family member of ours- and we're just so grateful they're both okay.
It's going to be a long road to recovery, everyone's just trying to figure out how to go back to their daily lives after all this.
So anywho- I want to write out my experience soon, but right now I'm taking a break from social media- and wanted to just write a few family posts.
This has certainly changed the way I see things-
and right now I just want to slow everything down.

Liam's age right now is GOLDEN!
I want to freeze him at 1.5 FOREVER!
He is adorable, such a chatter box and learning new things every hour.
Just yesterday as we were getting into the car the wind was blowing and I told him to raise his hands so he could feel the "wind!"
And since then when we go outside and puts his little face into the sun, throws his hands up and exclaims, "wind!!"
I mean, I don't know how I got so lucky.

The morning after the shooting I just needed to get outta the house and kinda do my normal thing.
It was such an odd feeling.
So we went to the gym, and as we walked inside Liam stopped and smelled every. single. flower.
People stopped and watched as he would run to a bush, point and say "flower!" and then bury his face in the petals.
One after the other.
I so so needed that.
Everyone did.
Children are pure joy and shed so much good and light on this world.
I don't know what I'd do without him.

Firetrucks are his jam right now.
He lines all his cars and trucks up in his room, parks them under the couch, always has a car in his hand and goes "weeoooweeeeooo" whenever he sees a police officer, ambulance or firefighter.
Kills me!
We took him to a Halloween store and he pointed at all the decorations and would say, "scary!"
And now everything at our house is, "scary!"
The holidays with kiddos are the BEST!!

Liam sure does love his row row.
He'll say "hi row row!" when we get home, and "bye row row!" as we leave.
He constantly wants Romie to play and chase him.. even though Romie would prefer to sleep.
He now tries to pick him up, feed him everything, hold his leash and gives him his treats.
That little bond is so dang cute.

And this boy's love for reading is unreal!
Gotta thank Zak for that.
We read all day long, he loves story time at the gym, he reads books in the car and we'll always catch him sitting and flipping through the pages in his room.
It's unbelievable how much he has learned from books and then applies it in real life!
For example, one day we were outside and he pointed and said, "moon!"
And we had never pointed it out in real life.
But if you notice- almost every book has a moon illustration-
it's nuts.
We don't have TV in our home, we don't let him have screen time and keep phones at a distance-
so books are his entertainment and it's so cool to see how much he absorbs!

We've been trying to get to the beach more often-
and jeez once we're there we're always like, okay we need to do this more often.
We go to a private Navy beach on Coronado Island that is always clean, empty and gorgeous.
So yeah- we need to go more often.
Liam loves running after the birds, watching the helicopters land, being silly and running in circles and now he collects seashells.
Experiencing life through his eyes has been the greatest gift.

Zak's schedule has been pretty busy-
so we've been making the most of our time!
I love this little crew, and adventuring our new city with them!

I'll be doing some more little family posts, talking about our September and I'll get back to social media someday.
Taking is slow, and loving every second.


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