October things I love.

Hope your week is going well!
Okay so today I wanted to continue with my little "things I love" segment on here!
Just somethings I love wearing, eating, listening to or watching right now in case you're in the market for some new finds!

1. Up first- this super cutie blush coat from Shein! I LOVEEEE winter wear. And I especially love when it's affordable! You can shop it HERE!

2. GORGEOUS! The new T-Swift song. Liam and I have it on repeat!

3. The Dirty John podcast. Hahaha such a funny title. But! If you like crazy crime dramas and need something to entertain yah while you fold laundry or sit in traffic- this is for you!

4. These loop bands have been giving my bum a great workout! I use them at the gym- so many fun and easy exercises you can do with them!

5. Poke Bowls. Have you tried them?! It's a seafood bowl of heaven and Zak and I's latest obsession when we want to go out for dinner!

6. Family walks at night to look at the Halloween decorations! Liam says "scary house!" And it's so dang cute. I can't imagine what Christmas will be like! Free, fun and a little exercise with the fam!

7. Boo-ing our neighbors! We've been making all kinds of treats and handing them out! Liam also loves to "share" and drop them off at peoples houses- it's adorable!

8. Chat books! Hashtag not sponsored but I love ordering them! They make little picture books out of your social media posts! Been ordering them for years and have a million in my living room!

And that's it for right now!

Have a sweet day!