magic kingdom mama.

Happy day sweets!
These last three days have been LONG!
And making me wish we were back at Disney.
Zak has like no time off- like worked 84 hours last week... 
Butttt when a glorious day off does happen we make the most of it and this time we headed straight for the magic kingdom!
We have passes this year, so our goal is to go two more times-
once around Thanksgiving and another near Christmas to soak up the holidays.
This time though we got to take our niece along and it was so sweet.
She hasn't been since she was a baby- so this was kinda like her first time all over again!
It was so cute!!

- got matching minnie mouse ears
- snagged an autograph book
- and chased down every character we could find!

Hi i love main street!
- went on some big boy rides!
- tried the flying elephants for the first time
- and Alison and Wonderland's bug ride too!

Liam was pretty impressed by the flying elephants and loved pointing them out!
It was one of those pinch me mom moments going, "weeeee!!!" with him!

He's just so talkative now and FULL OF WORDS AND SENTENCES LIKE WHAT?!
It was so cute to watch him point out everything and really take everything in-
especially the "scary" rides aka anything that was in the dark.
It was so cute becuase afterwards he just wanted Zak to hold him and would lay his head on his chest for security.
I mean, melts me every time.

- went on the teacups {duh}
- Kennedy bowed for the evil queen
- and we tried out It's a Small World!

We also ventured through the castle!
It was kinda nice having an extra photographer on hand too-
k loves taking pics so you know I took advantage of that!
hashtag why is it always so hard to get a family pic?!

Lol my attempt at being healthy and packing fruit to snack on.
LastED all morning until we chose churros and ice cream instead!

- Met goofy
- Did a conga line with Pluto
- hung out with Minnie at her house!
- partied it up in toon town!

Sorry K- only pic we snagged...

Liam was LOVING his churro.
Proud parent moment.

We also...
- chilled in the baby center {best kept secret}
- watched the parade on mainstreet
- ate ice cream

BIG moment right here!!
She was so excited!!

It twas a good day indeed!!
Liam is just at the PERFECT age to go and get excited about the characters, rides and play areas.
I'm already counting down the days till we go again!
And I think in the spring I'll put together a little guide of all our Disneyland tips and tricks-
once we really get seasoned!

Have a magical day!


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