how are we almost thirty.

Hello hello!
I love September for many reasons-
new season, colder weather and hi it's our birthday month!
Yep Zak and I are only days apart- but I'm older!
Zak went above and behind for mine- 
and the day before we had rented the CUTEST vintage blue camper and had a sleepover on the beach!
It was dreamy, I wrote all about it here!
And then the next day we switched glamping for a resort and stayed at the Hilton on Mission Bay.

Liam and I watched the sunset on the beach, had my fave Chipotle for dinner {so fancy} and then ate ice cream in bed!
Oh and FYI never room service ice cream... most expensive two scoops EVER!
More than our entire dinner at Chipotle.............................!!
I died at the bill.
Thanks babe!

The next morning Zak had to work so Liam took me on a breakfast date to a little diner {I love homey old diners so much} for some comfort food-
and then we headed for the pool!

Liam and Zak sure did spoil this mama!
It was such a great few days- that I wish never ended!

Hahah and then we get to Zak's birthday and I feel like it was nothing!!!
I'm such a bad wife.
But guys- I swear he told me to do nothing and said our glamping trip was for both of us hahahahah!
He's the best.
Liam and I did surprise him with a little birthday party though-
and all kinds of treats!

We all wore birthday hats- which Liam was ALL ABOUT!
And when we sung happy birthday he said, "YAY!!!" at the end and then, "again!"
So we sung Liam happy birthday about ten times and it was the cutest thing ever.

We decided to walk to downtown North Park and grab take-out burgers and tater tots!

This boy LOVES to walk- and will go for miles.
Adventuring is his jam!
And you guys- he kept his sweatshirt around his little waist the whole time.

Oh and this is a birthday cake failure.
PSA when you want to do a cookie dough dessert dish-
just use real cookie dough!!
The "edible" junk is nasty.
I say, just take your chances with being sick and eat the real deal.
Done and done.

And I think this was the best gift Zak could get-
Having Liam in his arms.
Zak used to carry this babe EVERYWHERE!!!
But now he's a big boy and asks for his hand-
but when it's late and he's sleepy-
this is what he wants.

Ah we're almost to thirty.
Which is terrifying.
But I have to say our late 20's have been the best years of my life!!
So I can't wait to see what the rest is like.


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