healthy halloween tips.

Hi loves!
One week until Halloween!!!!
Do you have your costume yet?!
Because we sure don't.
I posted some ideas right here and keep pinning more costumes here too!
But anywho-
one sure fire thing that comes with Halloween...
and another thing that comes with fall....
okay and one last thing everyone wants to do around this time....
Yah with me?!
The sweet tooth struggle is REAL.
So today I wanted to post five easy tips I use to have a healthy Halloween!

1. Memories over Macros! It's freaking Halloween- have a piece of candy!!! And don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem eating one piece, I have a problem eating 13 little packs of starburst and five reeces cups because I have a baby and who is going to eat all his candy?!?!
So what I do to avoid the candy binge: pick some of my favorites, track them in My Fitness Pal and call it Halloween!
That way I don't miss out, don't go over board and don't get the stupid "guilty" feeling for having some heavenly chocolate!

2. Be Fruity! If you're going to a Halloween party, Murder Mystery dinner or a haunted shin dig- bring the fruit and veggie tray! That way you can munch all night on some healthier options and not feel too tempted to just binge on chips and dip all night.
This gives you control!

3. Sweet treats! Ever get the urge to just bake up a storm around this time?! I always do! So if Liam and I are in the mood to bake some pumpkin bread- we go ahead and do so! 
Then when it's all done- we hand it out to neighbors as a sweet little treat!
That way there's not 8 loaves just calling my name all day long!

4. Water, water and more water! Before a meal, after a meal and when you get that sweet tooth craving, chug a glass of water and wait a few minutes to see if you're still hungry. 

5. Queen of routine! Keep on your workout schedule and nutrition plan throughout the month! It's reallllly tough sometimes- but I promise if you stay consistent at least 4-5 times a week you'll feel great! And if it's too stressful with travel and company- that's okay! Just chose healthy options, try your best and give yourself grace!

6. I want candy! I literally am so tempted to buy Halloween candy every. single. time. I'm at the store! But heaven knows come 10:30 pm I'll be opening that bag each night picking out my faves until there's none left for trick or treaters! So! I just buy the bag the day of so I don't have to worry about it!

I hope these help yah out a little!
Halloween is a time for fun- so don't stress out too much!
It's all about moderation and memories!

Have a great week!


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