happy october

Happy October!!
Best. Month. Ever.
Zak's days off are rare these days so when he snagged one-
we coined it our Halloween Kick Off Day!
It really was perfect.
Just one of those days that was so festive, fun and that you wish you could re do over 
and over again. 

- ate cinnamon rolls and drank coffee outside in the chilly morning air
- baked four loaves of pumpkin bread
- and got out our Halloween decorations!

Liam ran around the house yelling and pointing,

Taking little licks of the best part.

I love sharing family traditions with him!

It's crazy becuase we have pictures of him in this same hat a year ago-
and it seems like a completely different person!
So crazy... and sad.
Stop growing up!!

After nap time we headed to Oma's Pumpkin Patch!
And listen up SD mamas!
If you have a toddler- this patch is for you.
Literally all of Liam's dreams came true.
Oh and go on a weekday- it was empty!
Like really, we were the only ones when we showed up.

Once we walked up to the farm we saw an empty field filled with balls, Liam's favorite farm animals and a whole entire sand lots with millions of trucks.
That is literally everything he loves!
Trucks, balls and animals from his books!

I mean, truck heaven.

There were also tons of rides, slides, a toddler play area and a million more things to do.

Oh and fun fact:
Zak and I tend to be a little competitive with each other..
and we started playing teather ball- remember that?!
And well it ended with me being SMACKED IN THE FACE.
I had tears you guys.
It was a disaster.
But it was okay because then we went and saw the baby pigs and my day was made.

We also decided that we totally need to get Liam a little car-
he was obsessed and didn't want to leave that thing.

Liam couldn't handle all the tractors and trucks!
He's obsessed with those in his books, so it was so fun to see them in real life!

Liam was so so so pooped by 5:00!
He just wanted mama and I carried him all the way to the car where he crashed.
That is a sign of a good day!
And then Zak and I treated ourselves to Popsicle's in the car and a date night on the couch. 

Perfect way to kick off the holidays!
Happy fall everybody!


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