family film club.

Hi loves!
We have some very exciting news to share...
Liam is now apart of the Hambsch Family Film Club!!!
We took him to see Ratatouille {my fave Pixar movie!!} this weekend at the San Diego Symphony!
It was so cute you guys.
The orchestra played the soundtrack live, which was just incredible!
We got to see one of the Harry Potter films like this during the summer {you can read more about it here}-
so when we noticed Ratatouille was playing... 
I can't recommend these films enough.
If you're in San Diego you gotta check out the calendar-
they have some really good holiday shows coming up!
Perfect for date night or family night!

We kept telling Liam okay we're going to go see the mouse movie!!
And he would get so pumped!
The theater was beautiful and our seats...

We were right in front so we could see the entire orchestra.
These people are so talented- blows my mind!
Liam even had his own seat too.
The cutest!

We got to hear them warm up, and then when the lights dimmed Liam got so excited and kept saying, 
"mouse mouse!"
You guys- kids make your life so magical.
Experiences like this are just so sweet.

Liam even wore his fancy button down shirt for the occasion!

He was entranced the entire time and loved saying, "yay" when the audience clapped or laughed.
It's the cutest movie with the sweetest French music that had me yearning for a trip to Paris when we left!

We cannot thank the San Diego Symphony for hosting us-
best family night ever!
We cannot wait to go back!

Have a great week everyone!