you make me melt.

Hi sweets!
We are back from Arizona- it was such a nice {and very hot} little trip to see family and friends!
I'll be posting all kinds of snippets here and there!
PS you can shop my favorite new ice cream shirt HERE!
You know I had to wear it to my favorite ice cream shop-

I've talked about this place probably a million times...
but it holds such a sweet spot in my heart!
Zak and I have been going there for years to celebrate special times-
like on our wedding night, when we found out we were pregnant, lots of birthdays, anniversaries and the list could go on and on!

So it was only fitting that we make a little stop while we were in AZ!
We enjoyed a big fat mint chocolate chip banana split and then went and played games {they have a fun arcade in the back} with my mom and mother in law!
Liam had actually fallen asleep in the car on the way there so I was bummed we might miss out..
but as soon as he heard "ice cream" this child bounced back to life!
Hahah def my kid.

Wish Zak could've been with us!
It's okay though, cuz Liam and I still took care of ice cream business!

Hope you have a sweet day!
And if you're ever in Scottsdale- this place is a must!
Also- shop my shirt HERE!


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