six comfy sweaters under 20 bucks.

Happy Monday!
Ps this pic has nothing to do with the post..
just dreaming of Disney on this not so fun Monday.
Man you guys-
between Zak being around sick kiddos in a hospital, 
and Liam hanging out in childcare at the gym each morning-
we have been getting sick every month!
And we used to never get sick!
Today both Zak and I woke up with sore throats and runny noses, poor Liam can't sleep cuz his belly hurts aka no naps and Zak worked from like 5:00 am-8:00 pm-
soooo it was a long day.
And we didn't make it to the gym.
So here's to late night shopping/Halloween costume idea brainstorming and hoping that tomorrow {Zak's only day off this week} we wake up refreshed and feeling better!
Cuz ain't nobody got time to be sick!
When I'm sick I cuddle up in big ole sweatshirts-
I love wearing them all fall long!
So here are 6 cuties I found at Shein for under 20 bucks!
Woot woot!

1. Raglan Sleeve Slogan Print Sweatshirt

2 Elastic Cuff Cardigan With Pockets

3. Fuzzy Cardigan Sweater With Pockets

4. Grey Drop Shoulder Textured Sweater

5. Drop Shoulder High Low Knitwear

6. Contrast Pocket Dip Hem Marled Knit Sweater

Have a great night loves!!
And hope you're feeling a bit better than our household!


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