she bangs she bangs.

I did it!!
I. Cut. My. Bangs!!!
First time in forever and I gotta admit- I might never go back.
And the color is an icy blonde for fall/winter, which is another new for me.
I guess I'm just a new person now and will refer to everything in my past life as "b.b."
before bangs.
This new jumper is my jam!
You can shop it HERE!
And drum roll please... it's only 16.99-
woot woot!!

It's super comfy, black for fall and you can layer underneath, which I love.
It's going to be my pumpkin picking outfit for sure!

It's starting to get chilly and cloudy in the mornings and I'm obsessed!
I've already busted out the pumpkin spice candles, bought some baby pumpkins and have scoped out patches to visit!
I. cannot. wait.

Oh and can we talk about costumes?!
I really wanna share fun ideas with yah this year in case-
A. Pinterest fails yah
and B. you need a last minute idea!
So look out for those soon!

Had to interrupt your late night scrolling to bring you the big news about my bangs-

Have a great night!


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