overcoming overeating.

Hi babes!
Okay first- ya'll know I've been feeling overalls lately, and now I found a PINK PAIR!!
You can shop them HERE!
Ps they're only drum roll please...
And second how cute is this black and white striped bad from Seaport Stitches?!
I'm kinda obsessed with black and white- I mean who isn't?
And it's perfect for Halloween!!
Okay now back to my post-
just had to share!

So today I quickly want to touch on something that has helped me a bunch lately-
and that's called being mindful.
When it comes to this whole fitness journey-
the workout part is easy for me!
Just get to the gym, do what my BBG app says and bust it out.
But eating-
whole other ball game.
Restaurants, family dinners, BBQ's on the beach, parties, fall treats, baking, birthdays and Disneyland!
Food is everywhere!!
And so delicious.
And shouldn't be thought of as a negative thing!
But sometimes you really can't control what you get to eat when put in some of the above situations, and equally sometimes you can- which is even harder to navigate.

So about a couple months ago I started to really think about everything I would eat-
why am I eating this?
Am I hungry. stressed, tired or have a sweet tooth?
Is this really what I want to eat or am I just eating it because it's in front of me?
Do I want to put that cookie in my body?
Yep- I tracked it in my fitness pal!
No- I can have something else with less sugar that fits in my calories.
I realize I might sound crazy, or this might seem obvious..
but for me taking just a slight second to think about my choices has worked wonders.
When I'm at a restaurant ordering- I think okay Sid you don't need alllllllll these chips and allllllll the guac.
Just have a couple and that's it!
You can have a snack at home if you're still hungry.
And little talks like this have made me feel a million times better!

I enter all my foods for the day into my fitness pal each morning, I keep my breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack and late night snack the same everyday and then when dinner hits {it's the most varied meal for us} I am in control, think through my food choices and end up feeling satisfied and not overly stuffed like I just binged 7 slices of pizza.
It takes a lot of control, support {thanks babe for not tempting me} and self love-
but being mindful and intentional about what you put in your body will be a game changer.
It's all mental- and once you get a hold of your emotions {I'm totally an emotional eater} things really start to get easier!
So just know if you ever struggle with overeating during social situations, late nights at home or when you're super stressed-
you're not alone.
I'm right here with yah!



  1. Your outfit is the cutest thing ever! What size are you wearing? Does it ride up a lot when you sit down?