how to beat bloating.

Hi sweets!
It's been sometime since I did a little post partum fitness update with yah!
If you're new around here I'll catch yah up realllll quick!
PS linked all these posts below!
I've lost around 50lb's since having Liam, I follow the BBG plan for fitness, I eat macro friendly foods {not super strict about counting at the moment}, I've had a past with binge eating so I try super hard to be mindful and think of all food as good- just about moderation!
Oh and when it comes to the scale- I take it very lightly. 
I don't want a number to define me or make me happy/sad.
I'm all about the non scale victories and just being your best self mentally and physically-
whatever that may look like!

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So now with updates!
Since moving to San Diego {in June} I've been pretty consistent with my workouts-
and focusing really hard on lifting more weights.
I'm starting to see new definition, which I never knew I had lol so all I can say is-
don't skip your resistance training!
Sometimes it's so easy for me to want to watch a show and do some cardio-
but man the weight room does wonders.
However since the end of August workouts have been a little more spotty due to traveling-
so this week I started going again everyday.
 And I started over at week 46 with BBG for the 46th million time, but I'm destined to knock it out once and for all.

And I do have an interesting nutrition update!
So the past couple months I've been having more upset stomachs, and lots of bloating.
It was really starting to bother me so we sat down and kinda evaluated my diet.
Wellllll come to find out I was consuming more than the recommended amount of artificial sweeteners and caffeine.  
I talk more about it here.

So I kinda quit my dear Sweet N Low {I would add it to my coffee and all kinds of was bad},
said see yah later to Diet Coke,
 {now I only have it as a special treat every once in a while, because moderation is key}
and stopped chomping away on sugar free gum and instead just chug water.
And you guys, after about three weeks or so I started feeling SO MUCH BETTER!!!

Now everyone is different-
and I don't want you to think that by cutting these things about you're going to lose weight automatically-
but man I can say that taking these out of my diet has been a game changer.
Not only am I not consuming all that stuff-
but my bloating has gone away and I'm back feeling like myself again.
It's so worth my plain tasting oatmeal in the morning lol {that's also what I would add sweet n low to} and now I just cut up a few strawberries and I'm good!

So yeah-
I'm a believer now in cutting out artificial sweeteners as much as you can!
I'm down a few more pounds, my stomach feels so much better and I'm not super jittery from all that extra caffeine {I do drink coffee in the morning, but try not to have anymore caffeine throughout the day}.
And it did take my body about a month to adjust- but now if I'm tired, I'll nap when Liam naps instead of buying an energy drink!
Might not get as much done daily, but I think it's worth it!
Just wanted to update yah!

Have a great week!


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