glamping in san diego.

Like Zakary reminded me...
almost to 30.
And second-
we went GLAMPING!
I mean, hard core camping.
We've never camped together and we felt like such legit real life grown up parents taking Liam camping!
I'm already planning our next trip- it was a blast!
Totally see this as a new tradition. 
Now we just gotta buy a cute little vintage Shasta like our babe Aloha {that's her name} from Vintage Camper Rental and we'll be set!

So we snagged a spot at the San Elijo campground {aka it's right on the beach and AMAZING}!
It's in the heart of Cardiff-By-The-Sea {where I'm from} and really the perfect location to be
A. on the ocean
B. a super clean and nice campsite
C. still in a town so you can walk across the street and get donuts in the morning.
My kinda camping.
Also can we take a second to appreciate all this teal blue!?
If you know me well, you know this is my all time fave color so I was in HEAVEN!
When can I move in?!
Vintage blue everything!!!

And this awning.. 
what dreams are made of.
I told Zak lets just pay rent here lol.
It's perfect.

Also the owners were so sweet!
They come set everything up {including the chairs, awning, etc} so you don't waste anytime working and just get to play right away!
They also had toys and a goodie bag waiting for Liam-
so kind and thoughtful.
Ps this isn't a sponsored post or collaboration!
I just love telling you guys about brands/companies/things I truly love-
and this is one of them!

If you're ever wanting to camp in SD- this site and camper are the way to go!

We were literally steps from the steps down to the beach-
so once Zak got there {he was coming from the hospital} the boys went and played while mama went to get her bday treats.
AKA the biggest bestest acai bowl and Diet Coke I could find, while blaring the new T-Swift with the windows down.
PS we got so many campers asking us about our Always Fits "YAY" beach ball- it matched perfectly with the Shasta and retro vibes- we {and everyone else} loved it!

We ate dinner while watching the sunset-
and let Liam destroy that acai bowl.
I love my little beach baby.

We then played a little and walked around the campsite till baby was ready for bed!

He learned the word, "ocean!"
And it was kinda the cutest thing ever.
18-months is a freaking golden age!!!

Those views you guys.

Lol we look like campers in these pics.
Messy hair, sand everywhere and a naked babe.

Love this crazy crew!
We quickly learned that a campsite with a baby who just wants to run can be a little lets say challenging- but once we found a good walking trail we were set.

Nursing while watching the sunset.

After Liam went down we got the bonfire going-
lol next time we'll be better prepared and maybe try roasting some hot dogs!
We're still beginners at this whole camping thing so we were just happy we got flames going!
We snuggled and talked until joining Liam for bed!

In the morning we watched the sunrise {my fave}
and then walked to grab donuts and coffee!

It was the perfect way to start my 27th year!
Also- this is the place that made my very first birthday cake-
so kinda cool to come back 27 years later.
VG Donut is the BEST!

Thanks babe for always going above and beyond, spoiling me rotten and making my birthday so special.
Best one ever!

I also can't thank everyone enough for the sweet wishes, texts, calls, emails and DM's!
So so so nice!!
I'll post about the rest of my bday this week!
Have the best day!


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