beach cruisers, night swims and instagram worthy hotel rooms oh my.

Hi friends!
While we were visiting Arizona a couple weeks ago we decided to have a little stay-cation at the super cool Graduate Tempe!
I've been dying to stay here since-
A. We're ASU alums and it's in the heart of campus
B. I've heard amazing things about the decor
C. It's two blocks away from our freshmen dorms {oh the memories} and I love showing Liam our old stomping grounds. 
And D. I had to take this cutie vintage beach cruiser for a spin!
Isn't she a beauty!?

ASU is really where Zak and I kinda solidified that we were in it for the long haul and we share so many fun times hanging out around that area!
From our said dorms, eating all the dining hall cookies, Sun Devil games and riding bikes down palm walk {when we didn't realize it was for walking not riding lol} and watching the sunset from A Mountain-
this campus means a lot so staying at the Graduate Tempe was a treat!

Now can we talk about the stellar cool decor for a second?!
The interior designers were amazing and put so much thought and detail into every last thing.
Ya'll know I'm all about detail!
I was talking up a storm about all the fun items in just our room on my IG story when we stayed the night!
It's retro, desert-y vintage vibes make all my mid modern dreams come true!
From the old school ID cards as room keys, to the adorable pennant flags for "do not disturb signs" and we can't forget about the pillow cases shaped as post cards from the hotel itself!
You guys, when I say they went above and beyond with the decor-
I'm not messing around.

Hi I wanted to take those colorful chairs home with me!
And hi Christie Knight Photography just out did herself yet again with these pics!
I'm in LOVE!!!
And she's such a pro snagging actual cute candid shots of me chasing Liam lol and not letting us look like the hot mess we really are!
We love yah girl!

this one of us holding hands is one of my faves.
We hold hands everywhere we go and it just makes my mama heart happy.

Yah know what else makes my mama heart happy?!
Good coffee, nice people and a home-y atmosphere.
And that my friends is what eating breakfast at the Normal Diner {right downstairs from the hotel} is like!
And fun fact- before it was the Normal Diner it may or may not have been an I-Hop where I may or may not have eaten pancakes at midnight with my sorority sisters in college.
We'll never know!
Regardless- the Normal Diner's menu is much better.

And a lot cuter too!

PS taking Liam to breakfast is one of my favorite things to do!
I get oatmeal with rye toast and he orders a side of biscuits and gravy.
Love this babe so much!

The amenities here were just as good as the decor!
You can grab homemade churros from Tapacubo, take a dip in the pool, workout in the fitness center, or ride that adorable beach cruiser!
Oh and it's pet friendly!
Too bad Romie wasn't with us!
He would've loved it.

Liam held onto that little blue truck the entire time, 
and I love it so much.

See those squares on the desk-
they're book pages!
I'm telling yah- so cool!
And I'm told all the art pieces were local finds from thrift stores and vintage shops.
Even cooler!

Also wanna give a little shout out to my mom who helped me a TON with our love-to-run-full-speed-everywhere-toddler!
She too was in love with the decor- she said it brought her back to her childhood!
So thanks Graduate for taking us both down memory lane!

PS here are some iphone pics I shot!
Umm isn't that welcome basket the nicest thing in the entire world?!?!?!
Hi that fox wearing a monocle and bow tie from the Land of Nod is so stinking cute and currently on Liam's shelf in his room.
So kind!

And that is desert pillow I was talking about!
Wanted to take it all home!

Oh and each balcony was blue- my fave color.
Also not pictured- our view of Gammage Theatre and A Mountain!

We had such a fun time and highly recommend this rad hotel!
Especially if you're an ASU alum, fan or proud parent!
Right in the heart of campus!
But if you're also just in town and want to walk the city {take a tour of campus, stroll down Mill Ave, boat around Tempe Town Lake or really just be central to everything} it's perfect too!

Thanks again for hosting us!
We all had a blast and can't wait to come back!
Have a great weekend friends!


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