august life update.

Hi loves!
I know I know.. 
this says August life update and it's almost October...
but bear with me!
We were traveling at the end of August, then went camping, 
had a bunch of other fun posts to share and I'm just now getting around to my August life photo dump!

But to just recap for a second!
Zak was working in the NICU- which wasn't too bad hours wise.
However we did take advantage of his off days and sure made them count!
Went to Urban Jungle
Ate chips and guac and Chipotle
Had a few Target dates
And had to take a trip to Barnes and Noble!

Liam and I also had one of the best days ever together!
We went to the cutest Liberty Station {highly recommend if you're ever in SD},
got a big boy hair cut while sitting in a "weeoweeo" police car, 
shared ice cream and just explored together.
Oh and then met daddy for dinner.
Just a really really really good day.

I literally cannot handle his cuteness!!!

We also explored Balboa Park one afternoon!
We live literally three houses down from it, 
so we've tried to take advantage of all it has to offer!
Confession: I still haven't been to the zoo!
But don't worry- Zak takes Liam all the time!

Oh yeah and we spent a morning at the Del Mar racetrack too!
You can read all about it here!

Ps also if you're a mama in SD with littles under 5- the Fleet Science Center is a must go!!
We even snagged a year pass- totally worth it!

We also relaxed and took a little stay-cation one afternoon.
Liam was loving it!
You can read all about it here!

We managed to snag a few dates too!
Shout out to the best sitter EVER!!
We tried a new Mexican restaurant in North Park-
Ranchos Cocina and LOVED it!
They have an entire vegan menu-
woot woot!

And on another night we hit up a fun Luau in Mission Bay-
it was so delicious!
You can read about it here!

And then when on a "friends" date aka went to dinner on the beach with friends who don't have kiddos lol.
We're so grateful for our new pediatric friends- seriously such a fun group of people!

I started sharing some more fun outfit posts-
ps thank you for the feedback!
I love finding good sales and sharing them with yah!

Liam and I went on a few ice cream dates with friends in North Park!
Baby loves ice cream like his mama!
I also started going to a woman's bible study group with some other medical Navy spouses-
and it's been so fulfilling.
Finding support and a great group of ladies is key!

Liam and I also discovered a new park {Tidelands Park on Coronado Island}-
it's perfect for littles!
And has the best view of downtown San Diego!

He's pretty much just my little best friend and side kick!
He's the best helper, best adventurer, best walker, and best player.
Just the perfect little baby and I love him so much.
The other day a lady stopped us and said, 
"you can just tell he's a happy baby! He's so happy!"
And that is not only the 100% truth-
but the best compliment someone can give.
Liam is a happy happy babe and I don't know how we got so lucky!

We also tried a few firsts like...
- having a sous chef on the kitchen counter while I cook
- playing in the hose
- baking cookies
- making daddy's sandwiches everyday
- practicing "sharing" with our friends
- and getting really good at eating solo!

The first two weeks of August were very hard to say the least.
Poor Liam had a 105- yes FIVE degree temperature and an ear infection.
So scary and just so thankful he's better!
Then during the last two weeks him and I took a road trip-
yep I drove six hours solo with a toddler...
to Arizona!

- saw family
- surprised friends
- had a few staycations
- ate banana splits at the Sugar Bowl
- met Aunt Kelcy's big dogs
- played with cousins
- saw rooster's at my mom's house
And just had the best time seeing all our loved ones!
And good news- everyone is now coming to see us within the next month!
So yayayay for visitors!!

Oh yes and I treated myself with a very large Diet Coke too!

It was a fun month {minus the beginning}!
Filled with adventures, travels, dates and ice cream!
And September has been even better!
Maybe because it's Zak and I's bday month?!
I'll be sharing some more life updates soon!

Thanks again for following along on my little ole blog!
You the best!


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