things to do with toddlers in Arizona.

Hi loves!
So as you know from my last post-
Liam and I are back in AZ visiting family and friends!
What you also may know if that I'm a planner and wellllll my plans kinda went to trash when we opened the car door to the lovely 110 degree heat and Liam started yelling, "hot hot hot!"
So I went to my awesome instagram mamas and asked what people do with toddlers during the hot AZ months!?
And boy they delivered!
So I thought I'd quickly post the ideas below and also re post the fun little video we did of our favorite places around Phoenix too!
Why not right!? 
I love the video so much!
The incredibly talented Cass and Co films shot it for us!
So here's the list!
Let me know if I should add anything else!

- Splash pads (Founders Park was recommended and we love the Liberty Market one too)
- Urban Jungle (check toddler times)
- Krazy Air (again check toddler times)
- Bass Pro Shop
- Library story times (Gilbert location was recommended)
-Mall play areas and train rides (check the times before you go)
- Open gymnastics gyms (check for toddler times)
- Children's Museum 
- Idea Museum
- Target (kids get free banana)
- Barnes and Noble story time
- Butterfly Wonderland
- PoGo Passes
- Water Parks
- High school pools
- Sugar Bowl ice cream and arcade 
- Playtime Oasis
- Gym child care

Those were from my IG mamas!
Below is my video of our five places!
You can read all about them HERE!

PHOENIX TRAVEL GUIDE with the Newlywed Diaries from Cass & Co. FIlms on Vimeo.

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