saying goodbye is hard.

Hi friends!
Big news to share today!
This skirt is my jam!
It's under 20 bucks, long enough to chase Liam in and it has pockets!
You can shop it HERE!
I'll be living in it the rest of summer, and prolly fall too!

I'm not preggo- wish I was lol but that is not the news.

I'm breaking up with my beloved treat, Diet Coke-
or really any diet soda...!!
And ya'll know I LOVE DIET COKE!

My body has been kinda funky lately, so I took a little step back- 
evaluated my nutrition and came to the conclusion that I eat wayyy too much artificial sweeteners!
Now I know there's kinda criticism from certain people about A.S. in the fitness community-
and all I will say is that I'm a big believer in moderation- 
not cutting anything out entirely from your diet..
that way A. you don't look at food negatively {you should never feel guilty about eating something!}
and B. you don't lose control and then binge on that said food.
All about balance!

However- I was not balancing artificial sweeteners or diet sodas..
so I'm now on day 4 without either and feeling pretty good!
This isn't for weight loss, PS.
Just needed to reel in on the sugar and hopefully it'll make my stomach feel a bit better!
I'll save my delicious Diet Coke for special occasions, but sorry Sweet n Low packets- I'm ditching yah completely!
So anywho!
I'll keep yah updated on how it's going {only had a few caffeine headaches so far} and let you know how I feel!
Any other Diet Coke ditchers out there?!
And if you still drink DC- take a swig for me!!

Welp that's it for announcements!
Hope you had a sweet day!


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