july life update.

Hi lovies!
Holy moly it's August...
which means summer is almost over and fall is almost here!
But secretly I'm so ready for foggy mornings, holidays, pumpkin everything and Christmas lights!
I don't want to get ahead of myself though!
This summer has been one of the bests ever and I also don't want it to end.
We love San Diego so much it hurts.
Our home, neighborhood, community, friends, the hospital-
it's all so sweet and I feel like our time here is just flying by!
Ah sorry for the tangent, I just love this place and I feel like the months are just passing by left and right!
But anywho- I like to do a kinda life update/month recap so this is some fun pics and great times we shared in July!
Zak is now working in the NICU {hours are tougher than nursery}, I've been bloggin my little heart out and working with some great companies, Liam has been exploring all of San Diego, we've had both my parents and Zak's mom visit this month, we've gone on tons of fun dates and had lots of sweet family nights too!
July you were good to us!

- had the BEST Fourth of July EVER!
- my mom and I took Liam to the Coronado Island parade!

- my dad made a quick trip to say hi!
- we played in the park and him and Liam were able to hangout one on one a bit!

- we spent lots of sunsets at our favorite Coronado Island beach!

- And Zak started in the NICU.. hence him napping at the beach!

- we've made it a point to treat everyday like the weekend, which has really transformed our life!
-so every night we either go into town for dinner, go to the beach, have a date night or do some kind of family activity together- it's amazing.

- also tried out City Tacos- my mom said it was the best tacos she's ever had!!

- Zak's mama came into town too!
- we tried Poke bowls for the first time and showed her all around our new hood!

- I've also carried out Zak's mama's tradition and now make the boys cinnamon rolls on his days off-
and I make Liam's fav biscuits and gravy!
- maybe one day they'll be homemade- but for now the can will work!

- we went on many date nights!
- we saw Baby Driver and shared an XL Diet Coke and popcorn!
- met friends for dinner and had the best veggie burger and tater tots!
- we went and saw Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets while the San Diego Symphony played the live soundtrack!
- we went to Ikea like we were in college and walked around while eating pizza and ice cream!
- and mama had a pampering night at the salon too!

- and we also had lots of family date nights!
- like going to the farmers market
- playing at the Library and then having pizza afterwards!

- we also explored Coronado Island
- had big fat ice cream cones and played at a new park!

- we also checked out our community pool {um it's so cute!!} and had a swim afternoon!

- we explored Balboa Park and had a take-out picnic on the lawn!

- we also went to a fun birthday party!!
- cheers to getting a good pic where we're all smiling!

- we took lots of walks to North Park and had some more Poke Bowls- we're hooked!

- PS the headband I'm wearing is from Headbands of Hope! An amazing organization! For every headband purchased, they donate one to a child with cancer. I mean, the sweetest.

- Liam has also been talking and reading non stop!
- he's growing up so much!

- him and I have been getting outta the house each afternoon and adventuring together!
- we we to the Fleet Science Center and Balboa Park!
- went on the carousel and train near the zoo!
- had ice cream and watched the boats downtown!
- and played with the hose in the backyard!

- I cherish these days with him so much!

- in the beginning of the month Zak was on nursery and his hours were so nice!
- he'd get home early so daddy and Liam had lots of time together!

- they also played lots of catch and Liam loves when Zak says, "go deep!" or "score!"

Our new "treat everyday like Saturday" mantra has really changed our life {I know that sounds dramatic} but it's true!
We don't sit around wishing it was the weekend- we have fun everyday!
We explore and adventure in the afternoons and find happiness and excitement in all the big and little things in life.
It really has helped me be a better mom- I don't wait around for Zak to get home.. and save all the fun stuff the weekend. 
I pack Liam up and we just head out the door- and it makes that 3-6 witching hour amazing!
And what's even more amazing is when is there and gets to tag along-
so it's really a win win for everyone, and something I totally recommend doing.
Whether it's a sunset on the beach, Zak and I having a takeout dinner date on the couch or a full blown family night activity- we cherish it all and take advantage of the time we have together.
July- so were so sweet!
August, you better get it together!
We've been sick for the last week.... so this month has some catching up to do!
Thankfully everyone is on the mend and we are SO ready to get outta the house again!

Hope you all had a sweet July!


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