daycation in paradise.

Hi friends!
Can we please go back to Monday?!
I know you're probably like WHY MONDAY?!
But for us Monday was a dreamy day-cation at the dreamy Hilton San Diego Resort and Spa thanks to the dreamy peeps over at Resort Pass!
We sat by the pool at ate dreamy french fries, sipped dreamy Diet Coke, played dreamy giant sized lawn games, had the dreamiest view of the bay and played in the dreamiest little baby pool in all land.
Hahah do you think we enjoyed our time or what?!
Well I'm not stopping yet because now I have 288723409 pics to show just how dreamy it was!

We packed up our stroller, aired up our  Always Fits floatie, slapped on the sunscreen, got our swimsuits and headed down to Mission Bay to stay at the Hilton thanks to Resort Pass!

Resort Pass is a super cool website where you can book a day at a luxurious resort pool, spa or cabana-
without having to pay a ton to stay there!
Kinda genius right?!
I'm all about it!
Hashtag treat yo self.

When we pulled up I was so giddy!
The resort literally is on the sand, and I mean it's just stunning!

They had pool toys galore, the best kiddie pool for toddlers, little ponds with friendly ducks {Liam was a huge fan}, mini farm tables for kiddos to enjoy {I wanted to take one home with us} and a bunch of awesome games like hello life size checkers!!
There was endless enjoyment for all of us and if you're a parent, I'm telling yah-
this place is for you!

Oh and can we talk about the food!?
I cheated and snagged an ice cold heavenly Diet Coke and sammy and then we all kinda snacked on fries {another thing Liam's a fan of} and Zak took down that cheeseburger!
Best. Lunch. Ever. 

Oh hiiiii pretty cabana-
doesn't this just make yah wanna book a little day-cation with Resort Pass?!
Welllll just so happens we're doing a little giveaway over on the ole Instagram-
so go enter HERE for a chance to win!!!
The winner will receive 2 complimentary day passes to a Resort Pass hotel- so you can bring your bf, bff or mom if yah want!
Great deal huh?!

This was really our first full blown pool day with Liam and it was so sweet.
I'm just so grateful for this little family of mine and all the adventures we have together!

After a morning full of swimming, running, game playing, beach ball throwing and french fry eating we finally got Liam to take a little pool side snooze so mama and daddy could relax a bit.
Hellllloo wifi!
Hashtag parenthood.

After our little dude woke up we played and played and played some more and then had ice cream for dinner.... wait what?!
Yep- we were on DAYCATION REMEMBER?!
And then Liam totally crashed at like 5:30 pm for the entire night.
And that my friends, is a sign of a very good day!

This Hilton also has dive in movie night, s'mores night and a kids camp!
AKA perfect for families!

And you know we're all about that!
So anywho if you want a chance to snag some resort passes go enter my giveaway HERE!

 Just wanted to say another big thanks to Resort Pass and the Hilton San Diego for hosting us-
we had the best time ever!


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