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Hi loves!
Okay so today I'm talking allll about BBG Cardio!
Also known as LISS {Low Intensity Steady State Cardio} and HITT {High Intensity Interval Training}.
I get lots of question on my Instagram account about what I do for cardio-
so I wanted to just answer all of those questions on here today!
It'll be short and sweet, because LISS and HITT are kind of confusing-
so I want this blog post to be easy to understand and simple.
Sound good?!
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So really quick!
If you're new here- I've been doing Kayla Itsines BBG program for over a year now!
Together with that, eating macro friendly foods, breastfeeding and having an active lifestyle I've lost about 50 lbs after having my baby, and most importantly I'm stronger than ever!
Mentally and physically!

You can read more about my:
- Post partum weight loss tips here
- What I eat here
- BBG questions answered here

This should cover all the bases!
Okay now back to BBG cardio!


- What's your workout schedule? 
Right now I go to the gym 6 days a week- and take one rest day. I do 3 LISS cardio sessions, and 3 resistance {aka weight training} sessions a week, but on 1 of those weight training days I add 15 min of HITT cardio {don't worry I'll explain that}! So it looks something like this:

Monday: LISS
Tuesday: LEGS
Wednesday: LISS
Thursday: ARMS 
Friday: LISS
Saturday: ABS and HITT

- What do you do for LISS?
Right now I've been using a cardio machine {I'll list that info below} and do about 40-45 min on that. I honestly look at calories burned more than time- I try and burn about 600 a session. So If I do that in 40, I'll stop- if not I'll keep going.

What machine do you use for LISS?
I go to the YMCA {love it!!} and use the AMT Machine- I linked it here if you wanna read more about it! It's like a cross between an elliptical and a stair master, AKA kicks my butt! 

What settings do you use?
I put the incline on a 5 {the highest setting} and then stride on an 18 and go at it for about 40-45 minutes!

How long do you workout for?
For LISS about 40-45 minutes {until I hit around 600 calories}, for HITT 10-15 minutes and for weight training about 35 minutes and then I always stretch after! I don't like to be at the gym for super long!

What do you do for HITT?
I'll do just an assortment of things I dread lol for about 15 minutes!
For example:

- 20 {10 on each side} Weighted lunge jumps
- 20 Push up burpees
- 15 Box jumps
- 1:00 min Jumping rope
- 15 Mountain climers
- 15 Snap jumps 

and then repeat till 10-15 minutes are up!
There's tons of great HITT circuits online too! 
Those were just an example!

How do you not get bored during cardio?
Well for LISS the AMT machines have TV- so I literally time it out so I'm watching Fixer Upper during it lol so I actually look forward to the session! But if that's not on {bummer} I'll grab a good podcast and listen to that! Always bring headphones and ask about wifi haha! For HITT I just bust it out and don't listen to anything- I need to get a good pair of wireless headphones, because if I try doing weights with mine I'm a tangled hot mess lol so I don't listen to anything during those sessions!

How do you stay motivated?
Being a mama this is ME time! Liam LOVES the childcare {I get two hours a day} and it's our morning routine- so everyday from 9-11 we're there and now he asks to go play with his "baby friends" when we wake up! So even if I don't want to workout, I literally go for him so that he can have some mama free play time! A gym with a wonderful childcare is literally worth EVERY penny!
Also after my workout I go and drink a Diet Coke {super healthy} and relax for about an hour- because ME time remember!? Hashtag mom life.

What about changing things up?
Right now this schedule works for us and we both love it! 
I use the BBG app as a great guide and it keeps me accountable. 
However, I do add different circuits into the weight training sessions {just different exercises I find on IG honestly} to keep it fresh! 
I never want my body to get used to my circuits yah know?! 
Same goes for LISS and HITT! This is what I've been doing this month, but I like to change it up and I'll do a whole session on the stair master or try intervals on the treadmill. 

****This post was written 6 months ago- so my routines, schedule and workouts have changed a TON since then!!***

Remember: if it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you!
 Love yourself in every stage, try your hardest and do your best!
It's all about balance, consistency and living a active healthy life full of yummy food, moderation, celebration and self respect.
In the beginning I couldn't do a single sit up, I fell flat on my face doing a commando and I would just walk on the treadmill-
And that was perfectly okay!
If I can freaking do this, so can you!
Oh and PS I also did a majority of these workouts at home and in my apartment gym for the longest time!
So don't make that a problem- you can do these workouts without weights, walking around the block with your kiddos or even at the park!
Just love yourself and do your best!
Oh and screw that number on the scale!
Oh and PPS NONE of this was sponsored haha I wish! I just love sharing things that work for me and products that I truly love with ya'll.
Love you all!


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