braids and babes.

Hi sweets!
Hope your week is going well!
We have big travel plans this week- we're so excited!
And I'm also equally excited to share some cool news with yah!
I've collaborated with my dear friend Whitney, who owns the cutest tee shirt company-
We designed two super cutie mama inspired tees that I cannot wait to show you!
Whitney is a fellow military wife, blogger mama and the first San Diego friend I made- 
her outfits are always the cutest and I love her style- so obviously I was thrilled when she asked to collaborate on some new shirts!
The first one being...

Because when you have a braid in your hair and a babe on your hip-
you feel like you're ready to take on the world!
And PS and HUGE thank you to the ladies over at Pink Chique for coming over and braiding my hair-
I never wanted to take it out!
If you ever need any beauty services- totally check them out!
Also.. it's like the comfiest tee and I have paired it with everything from a skirt, my go-to jeans and even my homey sweats for a little date night one the couch with my love.
You can shop this shirt right HERE!!

I also love the saying "braids and babes" because really any babe can wear it!
Not just mamas!
I'm also in love with the retro font right now too!
It gives me all the heart eyes!

Okay and next up is our...
tee shirt!
If you know me at all-
you totally know this is my mama mantra!
I want Liam {and my other future babies} childhood's to be full of light, laughter, imagination, adventure and FUN!

I'm a firm believer that you can make anything fun and playful!
From.. buckling your little into that dreaded car seat, to waiting at the doctors office with a skipped his nap toddler and even that lunch date you've been looking forward to with your BFF at a trendy not so baby friendly restaurant.. it might take a little work and a lot of caffeine-
but those things can be fun and playful!
So this shirt is my JAM!

I'm also in love with this simple colorful font too-
Ya'll know I'm obsessed with anything bright!
You can shop the play time all the time tee HERE!
Again this top is super comfy- and I love the loose fit of both!
I mean, who doesn't like more wiggle room?!

These two tees totally capture my style, parenting and mamahood season right now and I'm seriously in love with them!

This was such a fun creative project to work on and I hope you like these as much as I do!
They're perfect for a new mama, mama to be or just any babe who loves a good braid!
Again you can check them out right here!

Have the best day ever!


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