10 things I love.

Hi loves!
Okay so tonight's post is a little different!
I thought I'd share 10 things that I'm loving right now or that have brought me happiness lately-
in case yah need a little pick me up!
And yes..
this is just photos of me, against a blue wall in the same outfit with a pretty braid-
All those things are on my list, so it works!
Just go with it:)
First things first...

1. TAYLOR SWIFT'S NEW SONG!!! She could've released silence and I would've bought it in a heart beat because I'm team Taylor forever and always. Every album of hers brings me back to a totally different chapter of my life and I freaking love it. And I'll always love her.
The end.

2. This dress!! I'm all about the overall trend and I'm not kidding when I say I wore in two days in a row. Hashtag no shame hashtag it's super comfy and can be worn a million different ways.
Plus it's $18.99!
You can shop it here!
Hi you need it.

3. The Alison Show podcast. She's hilarious and her episodes not only are great for your side hustle- but you can totally apply them to your life too!

4. Bai Drinks! Remember I'm cutting out Diet Coke and artificial sweeteners from my life...
sad face. Well I still love a little tasty treat here and there so these sweet drinks are a nice change!

5. Big braids and spray tans! Yep you heard me right. Ya'll know I love a good spray tan and finally found an amazing woman who get this...
COMES TO YOUR HOUSE to do them!! I'm feeling like a bronzed goodness with this tan and can we talk about my hair!!
Also you know I suck at braiding so all the credit goes to the awesome ladies over at Pink Chique!
If you're in Cali and need some beauty services they are your go to team!!

6. BABYSITTERS. If you're a parent. Stop and listen. Find yourself an amazing babysitter. Budget for that expense {cuz baby it's worth it}and go on a date! Or a solo date! Or take a shower for the love! But I cannot stress enough how great it is to find amazing childcare. You need that time away from your babe to connect with friends, connect with your love and connect with yourself!

7. Greek Yogurt treats! Guys. If you have a sweet tooth like me, then go to the store, grab some Light and Fit Greek Vanilla Yogurt {80 calories} and then pair it with a frozen banana and berries- and holy moly it's amazing! So is dipping some pretzels in there too! Sweet and salty goodness! Hashtag wish this was sponsored.

9. What I'm watching: Ozarks, Game of Thrones and True Detective! All of them keep yah on the edge of your seat...and PS not safe for kiddos! They're def couch date night shows!

10. What apps I use: Every Dollar- we use this to budget out EVERYTHING! So we know exactly how much we're spending, saving and earning! We've tried a million "budgeting tools" and none have worked like this one. I swear I actually look forward to tracking our pennies! I track what I eat, what I spend and what exercises I do. For me, writing things down works wonders!

Just some things I love listening to, using, wearing, watching, eating and drinking!
I'm thinking I'll do a little round up like this each month to let ya'll know what I'm loving at the moment!

Have a great week!


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