wife of the year award.

Happy Sunday everyone!
This weekend has been one for the books!

Last night was our date night and man oh man, or should I say muggle oh muggle-
it was a good one!
We've been trying really hard to explore our new city and take advantage of all the fun things to do-
especially for date nights!

And last night was no exception. 
It was magical!

The amazingly talented San Diego Symphony played the soundtrack live while we watched the movie under the stars at the Embarcadero Marina South in Downtown SD!

It was so pretty you guys- and Zak was in heaven. 
I don't think I've ever seen him so excited about one of our dates. 
He was literally fast walking/jogging to our seats!
If you didn't already know, he's a HUGE fan and obvi read all the books as they were published.
But he never got to see this movie in theater, so he was thrilled to experience it all over again-
and with a live orchestra!
The stage was right between Coronado Island and the bay, and then the cityscape and downtown- can you say dreamy!?

You could also bring a blanket and lawn chairs to cuddle up in the grass, or grab seats at a table and have dinner served to yah!
We opted for a gigantic bag of sweet kettle corn and soda-
it was perfect. 
There's something for everyone!
Honestly, we highly recommend seeing one of the Bayside Summer Night Specials-
they have all kinds of fun shows going on right now- and all year long!
I promise you won't regret it!

At intermission we were literally looking up the website to see what other movies they were showing- 
that's how excited we are to see another concert!

So anywho- you can see all the wonderful San Diego Symphony concerts and shows right here-
I'm telling yah- BEST date night ever!
And especially if your spouse is a HP fan like mine- you might even win wife of the year award!

I also posted tons of fun videos and more photos from last night on my Instagram Stories if you want to see and watch more here!
Thanks so much to the San Diego Symphony for hosting us- we had a grand ole time!
Happy weekend friends!


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