how i get back on track after holidays.

Happy Friday loves!
Today I wanted to share a little post partum weight loss update with yah!
I love being transparent about my fitness journey- telling {and showing pics} of all stages.
If you're new here- let me catch yah up real quick!
I've been doing the Kayla Itsines BBG program for over a year now-
you can see some posts about that here.
I also count macros, which you can read about here
And you can see more tips that help me stick to my diet here
I lost nearly 50 lbs after having Liam, and I attribute that to nursing, having an active lifestyle, eating healthy foods and working out.
It's been 16-months of giving myself grace, loving my body at every weight, celebrating non scale victories, hitting goals, letting those goals slip a bit, eating ice cream and pizza, skipping workouts and being the happiest I've ever been. 

And on this little fitness journey of mine there's been many days where I feel like I need a fresh start- yah know the saying, "my diet starts tomorrow" kinda feeling lol!
And today was one of those days!

The past few weeks I've been sick, had lots of family in town, baked 2342346 dozens of delicious heavenly cookies, ate out a ton, didn't track my macros and started the weaning process with Liam.
So I needed that- "okay i'm back on track, lets kick butt, you can do this Sid" mentality!

I had a little pep talk with Zak {my support}, 
we went over my macros, goals and set a new game plan for the week!
It's crazy how helpful having someone in your corner holding yah accountable can be!
So anywho- I'm tracking my new macros, hit the gym this morning, going to chug water like it's Diet Coke and stay on track today!

I wanted to quickly list out somethings that really help me get back on track:

1. Track what you eat! I use Myfitness Pal and love it!

2. Accountability- mine is Zakary who's yours?!

3. Motivation to work out! After my workouts I give myself about 30 min of "me time' to just hangout in the cafe, cool off and do whatever the heck I want while Liam plays. It's my treat and sometimes is the only thing that gets me through a tough workout!

4. Go grocery shopping! That way you're less tempted to eat out! I posted my food list here!

5. Schedule out meal and snack times- that way you're not snacking all day long!

6. Literally stay outta the kitchen! Keep yourself active and busy- your less likely to get board and reach for food.

7. Get a planner. I plan my workouts out each week- that way I know I'm reaching my goals and covering all my bases. Mondays are always leg day and I love it!

8. Sugar free gum always! Helps when you want something sweet!

9. Water, water and more water. I drink a bottle before and after each meal!

10. Be realistic and give yourself grace! If you're going to a pot luck and have no clue what's being served/how to count those calories or macros- plan ahead! Eat lighter throughout the day, bring a healthy option, maybe sip on your fav zero cal drink instead of over eating chips and just try to do the best you can!

Those are just little things I do when I want to stop making excuses and get back on track with my diet and exercise!
Because you know with the Fourth of July being this week- I needed a little reset big time!

PS I posted a sneak peak of this outfit on my Insta last week and got a bunch of messages asking where it was from!
The top is the cutest thing ever from Sunshine Girls Boutique!
It's perfect for the summer- I love throwing it over my swim suit at the beach!
And the gingham print is just adorable!
If you haven't already checked out their shop- you so should!

And thank you Kate from Six Thousand Minutes for these super fun pics-
I had a blast shooting these with her at Balboa Park!

Hope you have a great weekend friends!


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