NYC part four.

Alrighty friends!
This is Part FOUR from our trip to NYC!
And I think I saved the best for last!
It started to finally warm up woot woot so we hit the town super early and didn't come home till super late!

Our first stop:
One of my faves!
I just think the buildings are crazy pretty and I love just walking around all the stores!
This white walk up stole my heart!

We kinda twisted and turned through the streets and finally made our way to Little Italy and stopped at Piccolini NY to grab a little souvenir for Liam-
umm cutest kids store ever!
They are the ones with the "I heart NY" but with a pretzel as the heart-
told yah!
So. Cute.
And the sweetest owner too!

Oh and you know I scoped out a few good murals on our walk too!
I just love all the art around this place!

We actually lucked out because since it was so early the area was dead quiet!
A rare thing!

After SoHo we slowly made our way down to Wall Street, the financial district and to the Twin Tower Memorial!
The big fountains were unbelievable to see- along with the new tower.
It's so crazy what happened.
I couldn't help but think of all those families who lost loved ones that day- and all the hero's who helped.
If you're ever in NYC- I think it's something everyone should see!

After that we headed down to Battery Park to ride the Seaglass Carousel-
you guys it was so cute!
Just Liam and mama rode on it-
such a sweet little moment.
Everything is pastel glass, and just so pretty!

I promise Liam liked it, aside from his little stare!
He had just woken lol.

It was warming up so we had a little outfit change and then headed on our next adventure-
the Brooklyn Bridge!
Remember when I said this was like the first warm day of Spring?!
Well, we didn't think the bridge would be super packed, but because of the nice weather...
everyone and their mom's were there!
I was dying laughing at Zak zig zagging through the crowds with the stroller!
Hahahahahah that part made the craziness not so bad.
He's always keeping me entertained!

We walked down through Dumbo-
ummm cutest place ever!
And had so much fun going through some bakeries, checking out the stores and letting Liam play under the bridge!
And the view- amazing!
I highly recommend checking out this place- we could've totally came back!

Jane's carousel was closed...... one of the main reasons we went.........
but it was still a blast!
I'm telling yah it's trendy as heck and I want to live there!
We grabbed some pizza at Ignazio's {the popular Juliana's and Grimaldi's were packed}-
but this place was still super good!
And had some awesome views of the pier!
After dinner we grabbed ice cream and walked along with piers and playgrounds!
I swear, NYC was made for kiddos!
So. Much. To. Do.

I mean, look at that sunset over the city?!
We were in heaven!!

This was maybe my favorite night!
We played and walked and ate our hearts out and fell in love with Dumbo!
It was our first time!
Such a cute spot!!

The next morning we headed out on our flight and made it back to AZ!
It was the best vacation we've taken so far with Liam!
So many memories made!
And the best place for babies!
Ah we can't wait to go back again!
You can see our day one HERE, our day two HERE and our day three HERE!
We heart NYC!!!!


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