New York City Part 3

Hello hello!
Okay now here is PART 3 of our lovely trip to the big apple!
Goodness this city is just so awesome.
There's just 3123098 things to do!
And like I said before, we wanted to avoid the big tourist areas {we've done all those before} and just explore the neighborhoods, parks and just adventure around without a set plan!
It. was. perfect.

On this day we woke up early and took the train to Greenwich Village-
such a cool little area. 
When we got off the subway initially we were going to find a fun restaurant to grab lunch at...
but then we saw Chipotle and chose space, familiarity and comfort over a foodie spot!
I swear we ate there literally like 7 times-
it was always empty, cheap and perfect for a stroller and a baby who loves chips and guac!

Afterwards we checked out Washington Square Park and let Liam play at one of the millions of playgrounds!
He was in heaven, as were we!
I swear NYC you're just the prettiest!
I'm in love with the architecture, parks and people!
Just the best.

Still always nursing!
This kid is such a trooper-
even in the windy cold was totally fine just adventuring the city with us!

After play time mama got her wish and we headed to Sweets By Chloe!
A. it's the cutest pink bakery with the best pink decor
B. they have delicious vegan cookies
C. it's pink and they have vegan cookies!
So HELLO you know I was so down for that!!
It was one my NYC wish list for sure!

We walked around the streets filled with colorful brownstones and then made our way up to Union Square Park!

It was still pretty windy so when we saw a Barnes and Noble, we jumped at the chance to let Liam play indoors and let him go to town in the kids section!
Once he was tuckered out-
he gladly fell asleep and Zak and I pretended we were then on a date night woot woot!
We grabbed some caffeine and then headed to the Union Square Farmers Market and ABC Home Store!

I love just strolling around, holding his arm and exploring together!
Moments like this are so sweet.

And the ABC Store did not disappoint!
I mean, everything was 593808309485345 dollars- but it still super cute and I loved seeing all the crazy furniture!
Think Anthro times a thousand!

Once Liam woke we headed to our last park stop-
It was just as the sun was setting the Flatiron Building was just so dang pretty!
Baby had a blast playing and we had fun people watching and checking out the original Shake Shack!

After that we decided to walk home to our Airbnb, which was on the Upper East Side-
and it was 4.6 miles!!
Told yah we walked forever!
And we did stop for Chipotle on our way back too-
again told yah we ate it like crazy!

It was a good ending to a really good day!
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