New York City Part 2

Hey guys!
Ready for our next NYC post?!
So I combined twos days into one-
these were the wet and cold days lol.
The weather was so nuts!
It would go from 40 and freezing to 70 and sunny overnight!

This day we adventured around Chelsea!
Our first stop was to see these cute brownstones.
I love neighborhoods!

And then we headed to Chelsea Market
I'm so glad we checked it out!
It was the perfect spot to warm up and explore around.
Liam actually fell asleep so Zak and I had another "date" and just walked around and popped in and out of the shops.
I LOVED moments like this. 

We picked up some board books for him at Posman Books- which are now his favorite to read!
Afterwards we grabbed Takumi for lunch!
I had an original bowl with Shrimp- literally one of the best meals I've ever had.
Whatever sauce they use is bomb!

After lunch we searched hard for Doughnuttery!
And man were those little puppies good.
Liam was in heaven, as were we!
I'm so glad we found it!

^^ nursing. always.

After Chelsea Market we walked the Highline!
It had the coolest views!
It was a nice break from the busy sidewalks and bustling cars.
So glad we checked it out!

We decided we needed to let Liam run around so we headed to the New York Public Library!
They have a great Childrens section, and it was a perfect place to warm up and let him get his wiggles out.
It's so pretty and grand and old.
Wish all libraries were like that!

Bryant Park was next!
Obviously since it's right behind the library.
I think this is one of the prettiest parks in the city.
The ivy, French landscaping, historic carousel, Belgium Waffle stands, chess tables and board game lawn?!
I mean, dreamy!
It was still wet and cold so we couldn't stay and play for too long, but we did get to enjoy it's prettiness!
NYC you're such a babe!

We concluded the rest of that day with Chipotle for dinner and walked a million block home!
Literally- we walked like 24,000 steps a day.
It was nuts.
But we had to balance our carbolicious meals with something active lol.

Okay now these are pics from our very first and very cold and very rainy and very windy day!

When we headed out to adventure that first day we were like, 
"whatever a little rain won't stop us!"
And then 15 minutes into our walk when it's down pouring, cold and windy...
"we are so stupid!"
We headed to the first museum we spotted-
because most have a coffee shop {we needed warm caffeine and some snacks}and a kids area for Liam!

So that's what we did, literally like the whole day!
And then later we made it over to the Natural History Museum and then snagged Shake Shack and called it a day!

Thanking our lucky stars the weather got better for the rest of our trip!!
You can check out NYC Part 1 here!


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