my secret to happiness.

Happy day loves!
Last night over on my Insta I shared a little snippet of what Zak had told me the the other day.
He said, "I was asked if I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, yah know now that I've graduated medical school. And my answer was that our life right now was the light. We're there and we've always been there."
When he told me this I couldn't have agreed more!

 Because no matter how many years of schooling we have left, how much money we make or where we live- it's just about choosing happiness and living a life you truly love.
No matter what stage or season you're in. 
You just make the best of it!

And sometimes hearing things like this can well,
frankly be easier said than done.
And for a while I didn't understand how to choose happiness?!
But I've grown, learned, failed, succeeded, been sad, been excited and through it all I wanted to share just a part of how I find my happiness.
And again- this is just one part.
But I believe that it's the little things in life that add up to make your big ole life a good one!

So my tip?
Yep Parks and Rec had it right! Any Knope fans out there?!
Each and everyday I find and do little {and sometimes big} things that make me happy.
And they're just for me!
Because if I don't take care of myself, and give myself the right time and energy-
I can't take care of others.
That simple folks!

Here are some examples:

1. Book yourself a salon treatment! I went to Gila Rut Salon this weekend to get my makeup done and it was a blast! And some great just "me" pampering time! And actually any SD mamas or papas or anyone should know that all month long Gila Rut is celebrating their 25th anniversary by giving 25 makeovers to the most deserving families at the San Diego Ronald McDonald House! They're also offering FREE services in exchange for a simple donation all month long! Like $20 for a blowout- woot woot! You can check their IG page here for more details!

2. Head to the gym! "Exercise gives you endorphin's, endorphin's make you happy!" Legally blonde anyone?!

3. Try out a show! Find that guilty pleasure of trashy reality TV and relax each night with a little episode.

4. Podcast it up! There are soooo many amazing podcasts out there you guys- from motivating, humor, crime and news- there's literally something for everyone. I love listening while I'm doing chores- makes laundry soooo much better! Ps the Alison Show and How I Built This are my jams right now. 

5. Hire a sitter! Get yourself a sitter, friend or fam member to watch the littles, get dressed up and go on a date with your lover! Ps you can go get fancied up at Gila Rut beforehand too! Or go on a solo date if you need- just to get a little break will do wonders!

6. Plan fun time! We have family date nights all throughout the week, whether it's checking out a new restaurant, going to the beach or heading to the Farmers Market- to just get out and explore together! It makes witching hour fun!

7. Caffeine break! After my workouts I literally go to the little cafe, grab a Diet Coke and sit and do whatever the heck I want on my phone for like... 30 min! It's heavenly. Might not be the healthiest...... hashtag I don't care I love DC! But it's a nice mama break while Liam plays in the childcare.

So anywho-
long story short!
Fill your day/week/month/year with little and big things that bring you happiness!
Those breaks, me time, fun family time and date or girls nights-
make all the difference and will fill your cup with happy!
I promise!
And I feel like when I get that "me time" or "date night time" throughout the day or week, it just makes me a better more present and playful mama.
And that's why it matters so much!

Have the best and happiest week ever friends!


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