liam's first valentines day.

Happy Valentine's Day!
I know it's July, but just go with it okay?!
Again, this is my blast from the past blog series that's happening this week!
Sharing all kinds of old pics from holidays and Arizona!
And this happens to be one of my favorite days!

It also happens to be the day before Liam's birthday too!
So February is an extra sweet month full of celebrations!
Also- disclosure:
Zak is very romantic and the best with surprises- 
since our very first Valentines Day together when we were just 18, to now, he always blows me away with his creative and sweet gestures!

I mean, look at that!
There were balloons EVERYWHERE!
And little notes and presents attached to each one. 
The little love letters were plans for future date nights, family nights and mama pampering nights-

I love that Liam now gets to see how sweet and romantic his daddy is-
and my hope is that he'll be the same one day too!

We ate donuts, read these beautiful little poems from Zak, hung out and than got ready to spend the day celebrating LOVE!

Our first stop:
Because we're fancy like that-
and it's our fams favorite!
Plus Liam is obsessed with chips and guac!

Then we headed to Tempe Town Lake to do some boating!
Lol don't know if I'd recommend doing this with a baby..
but it was def an experience lol!

I think we lasted a whole 30 minutes and then called it quits and headed to the pool!

It was a super sweet day filled with LOVE!
And I'm so happy Zak was able to get it off- so we were together allll day long!
After Liam went down, Zak and I grabbed some Mod Pizza, snagged a Netflix movie and had a little date night on the couch as we prepped for our baby's first birthday the next morning!
Oh Valentine's Day, you're always so good to us!


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