liam's first christmas.

Hello everyone!
And Merry Christmas!
Jk.. kinda.
Remember this week is my blast from the past blog series where I'm doing little flashback posts and sharing some never before seen pics, gasp!
Also known as, I thought I lost all these pics but recently found them so now I'm posting them before I forget!
And how could I not share Liam's first Christmas?!
It was such a sweet day!

We woke up bright and early and let Liam open his very first presents with just the three of us!
He loved his new books, balls and instruments!
That age is so much fun because they're still little babies, but get excited about wrapping paper and new sounds!
I love it. 

We were hosting Christmas dinner so Zak and I went ALL OUT on decor!
We decked every nook and cranny and hung lights all around our apartment!
All that was missing was snow!

We were also in charge of the food, but also very thankful for family who stepped in and totally helped out cough cough my sister!

My favorite part about hosting is putting together the table!
The centerpieces, table cloth, plate ware and dishes just make me happy!

While each bunch of family came over we would open presents and hangout, while prepping the rest of that delicious food that I wish I had right about now!

And I'm still missing photos with my side of the family.......
but I promise they were there!
My sister pretty much cooked all day for us lol!
But anywho!
I'm just glad I'm getting around to posting these, even if it's not all of them!
After presents we ate dinner, took turns saying what we were thankful for, played a big game of white elephant and then after majority of people left we stayed and played board games and that terrible Harry Potter jelly bean game {where they're horrid flavors lol} with my sister and the kiddos until we were all beat!
It was a perfect first Christmas for us three and I'm so glad we were surrounded by our loved ones!
So happy Christmas in July everyone!


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