june life update.

June was a good one guys.
Zak was home, he was actually on orientation- which meant amazingly short hours, we went on lots of dates, met new friends, adventured SD as a family and tried as many restaurants as possible!
I found a good morning gym routine with Liam- real quick mamas, if you're searching for gym options- find one with amazing childcare- seriously. the. best.
I wanted to do a little recap!
So here is goes!
We have an amazing baby sitter so date nights have been on point!
Our goal is to have one each week- this was in Point Loma at a pediatrics banquet!
But my fave date so far has been a bonfire on the beach with friends and then ending the night with smores and watching fire works over Hotel Del- it was dreamy!

I've scoped out all the colorful walls and murals in our neighborhood and this heart may be my fav!
Every Thursday we try and make it to the North Park farmers market!
We like to also try a new vendor each time- and man these cannolis were bomb dot com.
Like soo good!

We also took Zak to Little Italy-
the farmers market there is insane!!
We walked the streets, ate fresh rolls and people watched.
It was a really fun morning!

I also love surprises-
keeps us young and hip!
Hahaha I'm totally kidding.
But for realz- who doesn't like a date night surprise?!
I took Liam and Zak one night to Belmont Park- the little fair at Mission Beach, and it was fun!
A bit of an older, not so fun baby crowd lol but the Dole Whip was worth it.
Also Liam cried on the carousel.. so then we headed to the beach and he was happy again.
Hashtag parenting fail.

Actually there were a couple rough days in June-
like when Zak and I came down with some pretty bad sore throats and coughs-
I still have mine by the way!
And whenever I'm sick I love eating acai bowls- so that's what we had for dinner!
Makes being sick not so bad.

We're also fans of Taco Tuesdays and that one on the left right there is calling my name!
A vegan chorizo taco you guys!
So. Good.

Hahaha my child.
Always going in for the chips and dip.

We had family in town too!
My sister and her kiddos came to town so we hit up the beach, The Del Mar Fair, North County and showed them around our new hood!

When baby falls asleep on the beach and it turns into date night!!!!!!!

Mean muggin. 

Thanks so much for coming!
We miss you already!!!

We also taught Liam the art of a jumping pictures.
He's a pro already!

Our baby turned 16-months and he's just the funniest and cutest thing ever.
Toddler stage is FUN!!!
He loves to run, jump and climb on all the things.
Will read for days!
Shoots hoops like a pro and loves playing catch.
If he has a choice, inside or outside- he'll be in the backyard in a second!
He is also into trucks and cars now!
Says "dayeee" each morning and looks for Zak when he wakes up!
He now likes to read to us and points and tells us all the animals, shapes and objects on the pages-
he's so smart!
Oh and he still nurses like a champ!

We love you and your wild curly hair William Dean!

We love walking into "town" AKA North Park downtown area during the week and trying new restaurants, checking out stores and just adventuring around.

Zak and Liam found a bookstore they just love!
So now we're regulars.

We also celebrated Father's Day!
went for family walks, made biscuits, gravy and cinnamon rolls for breakfast, had a target date, ate at a food truck for lunch, played lots and lots and then went to our neighbors beautiful house for dinner al fresco!

It was a really good father's day celebrating the best daddy we know!

just a little june recap according to my iphone pics!
It was the perfect month we needed to start our new life in Cali!
I hope you had a sweet June everyone!


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