good and bad tears.

Hi friends!
This new chapter of our life has literally been such a blessing.
So many prayers answered and we just feel like we're exactly where we're meant to be if that makes sense?!
I just wanted to share about the first few days when Zak finally got home from his military training-
it was the sweetest reunion!
If you don't remember... he was gone for 6 weeks and I did the whole move to Cali thing without him!
That night he got in Liam was sooooo excited to play with him we all stayed up till like 2:00 am hanging out in our new home!
The rest of the weekend we showed him around our new hood- he fell in love with it as much as we did!
And then we spent a whole day exploring Coronado Island!
It's seriously what we needed after being apart for so long.

^^ look at that smile! My boys!
Also.. this is the meal where BOTH Zak and I spilled and shattered our water glasses-
like what in the world?!
We were mortified lol.

Afterwards we had to grab ice cream and celebrate daddy being home!!
If you're ever in Coronado- Moo Time is a must!
Liam was really digging it!
Everyone who passed by us just thought it was the cutest thing- as did we!

I mean, look at that face!

And sorry for all the selfies- but my BFF was FINALLY HOME!!!!!!

Afterwards we walked to Spreckles Park {another must if on the island} and let Liam play!
I distinctly remember Zak and I holding his little hands walking down the tree lined streets-
going, "one, two three weee" and lifting him off the ground- he was so happy!
And so was I to finally have our fam back together.

It was the longest Zak and I had ever been apart before- and we've been together for almost 10 years sooo that says a lot!
It wasn't easy, I cried good and bad tears lol #struggle and Liam missed his daddy so much-
but we got through it!!
Woot woot.

And now we've started this new chapter in San Diego and knock on wood-
but things are better than they've ever been before!
Zak LOVES residency, we LOVE our neighborhood, our little cottage fits us perfectly {little tight, but small living ain't no thang!}, we've made wonderful friends already, Liam and I have a great routine going and we just keep exploring more of our new city together and fall more in love with it every single day!

I prayed REALLY hard for this move-
 that I would be able to do it without Zak, that we would have a great community surrounding us, that Zak would love pediatrics the way he did when he first chose medicine, that I would find a good routine for Liam and I {sounds silly- but I need consistency to function lol}, that I would be able to still blog and find work and that the transition would be smooth-
and man it's been the best move we've ever made!
And we've done like 230298320984 of those bad boys so far.

So anywho!
I thank Lord every day {multiple times a day lol} for this new chapter.
It's greater than I could've dreamed of and I'm so dang happy.


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