dreamy day at disneyland.

Hello hello!
You guys.
We took Liam to Disneyland and it was magical!
It was also Zak and I's first time going together- so double that magical experience!
We just wanted to let Liam run wild and do whatever the heck his little heart desired!
And it was perfect.

We got to the park nice and early- and just took our time going down Main Street!
That's my favorite part of Disney- it's just so cute!
Liam was obsessed with the fountains, and thought the curbs were mighty fine too.
Yes street curbs lol.
He gets a thrill jumping off them.. so that's what we did!
Just watched him explore his way down to the castle and then we hit some rides!

We did the classic carousel- and he was so so about it.
Then we tried the Pinocchio ride {big mistake!!!!} that ride is so creepy!
And dark. 
Poor guy was bawling!!
Hashtag parenting fail.
No wonder there was no line!

Hahah see what I mean, he really questioned the rides.

As we were walking down Main Street I just had a little "I love our little life so much" moment.
So so so so grateful.
This chapter in our life right now is just the bees knees.
And it's a lot to do with this guy.
Best husband and daddy EVER.

We tried out the teacups next-
super fun for mama and daddy.. but Liam was a little dizzy.
So we said forget it and went to Toon Town!

Classic mom trying to get a picture. 

And on our way we did indeed snag some churros.

You guys. 
Toon Town's where it's at!
At least for our little dude who just prefers running, jumping and climbing anything and everything instead of going on rides.
We spent lots of hours hanging out at Goofy's house and touring Minnie and Mickey's place!

Toward the middle of the day it started to warm up and the crowds were poppin-
so we took a little break- found a bomb Mexican restaurant that had chips, salsa and free Diet Coke refills and baby took a nap.
Haha it was a nice little reboot time.
But I can't get over his little smile in these pics!
He's the happiest little boy- and at Disney he was just the biggest joy and so excited!!!

After his nap we decided to go make camp and grab a good seat for the parade!
And PS the best spot is on the West Side of Main St. in front of the ice cream parlor!
Shaded and you can grab some dessert while yah wait!

And you know that's what we did!
Might've been my favorite part of the day!
We sat on the sidewalk, ate the biggest ice cream of our lives and watched the parade.
It was pure bliss!

After that we hung around Disney a bit longer and then decided to try out California Adventure for dinner- that was my first time too!
We sat down and had some burgers and then tried out the Monster's Inc ride....
another sad experience for Liam...
too scary for baby!!
So after we strolled around the park since it was getting dusk and Liam went to bed-
which meant churro Disney date for us!

We walked around, talked about our little babe and the awesome day, snagged like 3 more churros and waited for the light parade!
Seriously filing this under- BEST DAY EVER!
And something we totally needed after being away from Zak for 6 weeks.

Also- I was cracking up because Zak and 32903840923529384 people {including women} had that shirt on.
I. was. dying.
It was hilarious!
Anywho- now that we have passes, you know we'll be back very soon!


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