date nights, PDA and new pictures oh my!

Hi loves!
Hope your day is going well!
We had the BEST Fourth Of July yesterday- literally my favorite Fourth of all time!
And that says a lot because Independence Day is my favorite holiday.
I can't wait to share more about it!
But today I wanted to post all of our most recent family photos we took in North Park-
and tell yah some tips and tricks that have really helped Zak and I stay connected and in love all these years!
Because lets face it.
When kiddos are in the picture, alone time with your hubby can be hard to get-
trust me!
It took us a while to get into a grove of making our relationship come first when baby arrived-
we were pretty much in survival mode haha.
But we quickly learned, when we're in a good place, we're even better parents.
And anything that works for us- I love to share on here!
And you don't need tons of time or money either- a little effort goes a long way!
PS Kiley Shai killed it with these photos yet again!
And PPS this new backpack from Fawn Design is soo cute- perfect for all those baby daddy's out there!
Or just any guy who needs a new pack!

1. Date!!
I know, it's a given. But actually getting a sitter, making plans and doing it is another story! Have friends or fam watch the little if you don't have lots of money to spend on a sitter, or do a date night swap with another couple if you don't have family nearby- waalaa- sitter problem fixed! Zak and I now set aside time and a budget for date nights with a sitter. It's just something we really need, and love doing. The dates don't need to be over the top either! Find a free event going on in your area, have a picnic in a park nearby or go for a bike ride! We've even made social events into date nights- so it might not just be him and I- but our friends too, which is always super fun!

2. Each night do something together!
Whether it's reading a book, binging a new show season on Netflix or starting a movie- we try and do one thing together each night once Liam is down to kinda hangout solo or call is a couch date night- without any business or life to-dos in the way! But a lot of times we do have just crap we have to finish or talk about- yah know like budgets, paperwork {all that adulting} but we'll time ourselves and say okay- we're going to go this stuff for 45 minutes- and whatever we don't get done we can do tomorrow! That way it's not like we're ignoring our responsibilities to ya know catch up on This Is Us- but we're having the best of both worlds. Work hard, play hard!

3. Love letters!
This is free, takes two minutes and literally means so much. Leave your honey a little love note in the morning! Or hide it in their bag or car, somewhere they'll least expect it. Zak and I have been doing this for years and I still get so excited each time I read one. They're really the best, and just so sweet.
Also date them and obvi keep them so you can look back at them one day!

4. Random acts of kindness.
There's little things like- me making Zak coffee, him cleaning up before work-
that just means a lot and helps one another out.
Doing something that your partner kinda dreads- helps a ton and is super sweet.
Shows that you care!

5. Makeout!
Yep- someone once gave me this advice: kiss for eight seconds every night. Sounds silly- but when life gets crazy sometimes smooches are forgotten. So pretend your in high school again and makeout!

6. Be spontaneous!
When life is getting tough, the kiddos are going stir crazy and you all just need to laugh- get outta the house and go on an adventure! Doesn't have to be a vacation- it can be a good long walk in your neighborhood, trying a new restaurant instead of cooking dinner, yet again, going on a day trip somewhere- and the list could go on and on! I try and have a daily routine in place, nap time schedules and I plan everything out! But- with structure, you also need flexibility and freedom!
So pick a night or a day or just a few hours each week to have a little surprise family or couples date!

7. Have fun!
Be silly. Be goofy. Play around. Play games. Be competitive. Have PDA. What?!:) Hold hands. Scratch each others back. Give a piggy back ride. Race down the street. Zak is better at this one than I am.. but I'm quickly learning as the boy mom I am, life is more fun when you have more fun. Obvious I know, but sometimes tough to remember!

We're not perfect- and honestly these are not just "tips" but more goals for us.
Lately we've been trying really hard to make sure our relationship comes first- and it's made our little life so sweet.
This has been something we've really focused on since all moving to San Diego, and I wanted to share it with yah!


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