blast from the past: january life update.

Hi loves!
This week I'm doing a little blast from the past series-
sharing a bunch of personal pics that never quite made it to the blog!
Remember this started as my diary?!
So I love to document all stages of life and didn't want to forget these ones!
Plus it's always fun looking back at photos of Liam- he grows SO much SO fast!
In these he was about 11 months old- one of my favorite ages!
He was crawling like crazy and our chubby sweet babe!

- hung out with friends and family
- went on lots of park dates
- took Liam hiking
- enjoyed the beautiful AZ winter

- had picnics in the park
- went swimming
- played catch
- and watched lots of movies {prepping for the Oscar's!}

- were in awe of the sunsets
- took a million trips to the zoo
- and even went on our first date night with a non family member sitter!!
- and I should also point out it was perfect! We watched La La Land and ate ice cream!

- I had a sweet reunion with a sorority sister who is kicking cancer's butt!
- tried lots of new group fitness classes
- and my sister gave Liam his very first hair cut!

- we went to story time at the library
- and open gym at the gymnasium
- you were loving hanging out with other babies!

- we spent lots of time with your cousins Kai and Kennedy!
- we adventured around Agritopia 
- and ate at Joes Farm grill 123123 too many times!

- We went on family Target trips 
- And followed them up with going to Barnes and Noble and Chipotle- our favorite!
- We also showed you around ASU and we hiked A Mountain!

- You snuggled with Romie
- still had lots of rolls
- and were the cutest baby in all the land!

- you and daddy were my biggest supporters and would let mama go to the gym and watch Fixer Upper!
- We had lots of family cuddle times
- And played lots and lots in your room!

- you made us the happiest 
- and luckiest parents in the whole wide world
- and we love you so much!!

Oh January you were a good one!
So good that I saved yah for the summer time!
I LOVE looking back at these photos and remembering all these sweet moments.

I was never good at keeping a baby book, but this blog is kinda like mine, and I love it so much.


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