best fourth of july ever.

Hi loves!
I hope your Fourth of July was filled with fatty foods, fireworks and fun!
Because ours sure was.
And I LOVED every single second of it!
Independence Day is my favorite holiday!
But I feel like when we were just married those first few Fourths I had to work {bummer}, then I was secretly preggo with Liam and super sick so I did not want to do anything lol, last year was fun because we were all together but we ended up just having dinner at Denny's.........
since yah know it was 9234092834 degrees in AZ and we weren't about to sit and watch fireworks with an infant.
But this year.... this year you guys my fav holiday was back and better than ever!
Woot woot!

I lucked out and my mom was in town!
And she's such a trooper and always goes along with my crazy plans!
So that morning we woke super early and were out the door headed to Coronado Island by 8:00 am!
Zak worked that morning, so it was my mom, Liam and I celebrating!

I had heard the island can get PACKED on the Fourth- but thankfully we found parking and strolled through the gorgeous neighborhoods to start the day!
The houses were all dolled up for Independence Day and they were darling!
We kept pointing and talking about each one- what we would want on our dream homes.. those houses you guys are just incredible!

Our first stop was breakfast at Clayton's!
It's been voted best breakfast for years.. so it was worth the wait!
And Liam was such a champ- so patient!
The parade was right in front of us so he people watched and pointed at all the dogs that went by!

He also ate like a champ!
A whole order of biscuits and gravy was nothing for him!
And he ate it all wearing white and a bow tie- so dapper.

After breakfast we walked down Orange Ave. watching the parade and then ended at Spreckles Park so we could play a bit!
It's the biggest park in Coronado and it was empty since all the kids were watching the parade-
which meant it was perfect for us!

I mean, I literally cannot believe he's mine!!!

The parade was so quaint and cute!
It was dedicated to all of the past, present and future service men and women!
There were even Pearl Harbor survivors there too!
So amazing to see.

After playing I sat Liam on my lap and we swung for a while..
it was such a sweet moment.
One of those I'll never forget.
I love him so much it hurts!

And this was him on the way home- it's only like ten minutes to our house, but he was out!
And looking so cute!

We all kinda relaxed for a bit, but then started getting our BBQ dinner ready!
And Zak surprised us too!
He got home sooo early!!!
Best. Surprise. Ever.

I got out some of my Fourth of July decor (a lot is all boxed up still from the move} and we had dinner al fresco in the backyard- it was so nice and delicious!
Thanks mom for cooking!

Ps aren't these cake pops from the San Diego Cake Pop Shop not just the cutest?!

After dinner we played a bunch and then baby went to sleep so mama and daddy had a date night!
Woot woot!!
It was kinda the perfect ending to the night.
So glad we had a sitter!!
Thanks ma!

Later on we grabbed some ice cream and spoons and walked up the hill in our neighborhood to watch the fireworks!
You can see downtown and Coronado from where we live so we got to see the three big bay shows.
It was really sweet cuddling up and watching them together!
We then walked the long way home chatted a bit about this new amazing chapter and how happy we are to be in San Diego.
Like I said- best Fourth of July ever!


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  1. You are so gorgeous! Your energy is infectious. Seemed like perfect Fourth of July ❤️